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Comment So long as I have natural gas... (Score 1) 328

I have power. Thanks, Generac. What's that, you say? Your standby power generator takes a few seconds to power up, and your VPN drops? Nothing an APC battery hooked to your modem, router, and IP phone modem can't fix. Oh, and my laptop battery. Yup, I'm good. And no, the generator isn't for computer issues--it's the water level higher than my basement. Gotta love beavers.

Comment Re:Satan's Game? (Score 1) 353

Sorry, didn't read it as a reference, rather an incorrect assertion by the author. Perhaps due to overdosing on perl coding today, dunno. I was an AD&D DM for most of the early to mid 80s and certainly saw no legit references along those lines back then or prior. Didn't pay much attention to the media whores demonizing the game--they could have called it Dragon Lance for all I cared.

Comment Re:Satan's Game? (Score 1) 353

As a matter of fact, my parents made me watch Mazes and Monsters with them--and to their credit, they thought the movie was as bad as I thought it was. That was the beginning and end of any Satan Panic in our house, at least up until I went all atheist on them. :) I have no doubt media commentators may have called it Satan's Game back in the day, but Gygax never referred to his game as such that I'm aware of. Thus, it wasn't originally known as such.

Wii 2 Unlikely For 2011, Maybe In 2012 303

An anonymous reader writes "As discussed on Slashdot earlier this year, the lack of a next-generation Wii may be hurting Nintendo. That doesn't seem to concern the company's US chief, Reggie Fils-Aime, who said this week that a Wii 2 might not appear until 2012. He wants to sell a few million more consoles before a successor is launched. So, no Wii 2 for 2010 or 2011 — meanwhile, the PS3 and Xbox consoles get motion control support and other content enhancements. What does that mean for the success of Nintendo's gaming console business? Has the innovator been out-innovated due to a sluggish product roadmap?"

Best Places To Work In IT 2010 205

CWmike writes "These top-rated IT workplaces combine choice benefits with hot technologies and on-target training. Computerworld's 17th annual report highlights the employers firing on all cylinders. The Employer Scorecard ranks IT firms based on best benefits, retention, training, diversity, and career development. Also read what IT staffs have to say about job satisfaction. How's your workplace, IT folk?" Read below for a quick look at the top 10 IT workplaces according to this survey.

Justice Not As Blind As Previously Thought 256

NotSoHeavyD3 writes "I doubt this is much of a surprise but apparently Cornell University did a study that seems to show you're more likely to get convicted if you're ugly. From the article: 'According to a Cornell University study, unattractive defendants are 22 percent more likely to be convicted than good-looking ones. And the unattractive also get slapped with harsher sentences — an average of 22 months longer in prison.'"

Comment Re:How about being better? (Score 1) 842

Being yourself is only really good if you're really good.

Trying to be better than yourself is better.

Being yourself is only good if you're really good? Gosh, you're depressing! People should learn and grow. Trying to pass yourself off as perfect won't get you hired on my team. I'm much more interested in capable and curious, rather than perfect and arrogant. They tend to work harder, play nicely with others, and their teams stay productive.

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