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Journal Journal: Merry Christmas -- $$$$$exyGal

It's not the new year yet, but it seems like a good time to give thanks.

Long story short, I've had a good year. Great job, short commute, and dating again. I've become focused, but with great flexibility. I'm not sweating the big stuff, or the small stuff. The good stuff is in the middle.

May your holidays be commercial-free,



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Journal Journal: PLEASE mod me up 1

I have almost obtained neutral karma now that I'm not a troll anymore. If you would be kind enough to share the positive mod points with me, I will gladly go out and slay the liberals on this site. Please give me the user names of any liberal on here so I can rip them a new one.
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Journal Journal: Trollback for November 2003 12

Stop gouging yourself on leftover turkey, assmasters!

Rusty is a trollback fan

Trollback has many spies, and some of the more pallid, greasy ones keeps a close eye on IRC. One of our spies managed to unstick his keys long enough to alert us to this:

<rusty_afk> "The phrases "open source" and "enterprise ready" keep popping into Trollback's mind, but Trollback cannot figure out why."
<rusty_afk> heh
<rusty_afk> presumably the link is "phrases rusty has never said without a negation in between them..."


Trollback is reluctant to engage in any moderation discussion, since social engineering is by its nature a fickle process, and everybody likes to think they have the one perfect solution. Unfortunately, not every organization is as modest. A brand new site, Everything In Moderation, promises to have all the answers for keeping trolls from peeing in your public pool.

Taco is well known for dancing around the issue of moderation-talk, relegating it to his journal, where virtually no one can post. Fortunately, Trollback regular Sheetrock is on-hand to translate Taco's journal, and provide a forum for us all. Still, there is some concern about the alternative of making moderation entirely open to the public. Trollback has some concerns, mostly about people having too much time.

Welcome back, Jack!

Although Trollback comes pretty close, nobody is perfect, and it turns out we have been failing to track the comments of upstanding consultant Jack Wagner. Rest assured this tragic oversight has been remedied, and the great man seems to have started posting again. Trollback welcomes you back!

By way of attonement, here is a selection of Trollback's favourite Wagner links: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]

The list

(-1,7,22) egg troll | My Experience with the Linux
(1,25,115) Sheetrock | Playing God, with hilarious results.
(0,9,12) Jack Wagner | Is this dangerous
(2,10,33) Anonymous Coward | it still has DRM
(-1,7,33) Anonymous Coward | This was not an accident
(1,11,92) Jack Wagner | Meanwhile
(1,12,22) GoatPigSheep | I could see this coming
(-1,11,26) Dancin_Santa | That's great!
(2,16,34) Zeinfeld | Re:Isn't Rock-n-Roll dead as well?
(1,8,15) Sheetrock | Although they're calling this memory
(1,15,31) Boromir son of Faram | enough
(-1,20,27) Sheetrock | Interesting thoughts...
(-1,10,23) Amsterdam Vallon | Not worth it
(5,13,43) Anonymous Coward | Re:Trust them
(4,19,108) Sheetrock | Not really fair to disclose this information.
(0,8,45) Anonymous Coward | Re:Passenger airships
(4,30,68) EmCeeHawking | My Experience
(3,8,12) Dancin_Santa | I'm a proponent of nuclear energy
(2,12,17) Anonymous Coward | Has a Microsoft release ever been compromised?
(2,8,11) Amsterdam Vallon | Why is there a need for this?
(1,6,14) Anonymous Coward | Re:Can't be done
(-1,6,63) GoatPigSheep | absolutely not
(0,18,128) Zeinfeld | Re:For the love of all that's good and holy

Honourable Mentions

Look forward to "Trollback 2003: a year in review" at the end of the month!

That's it for this month!

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Journal Journal: I AM A TROLL


Liberals should be sentenced to life terms at Gitmo. Or better yet killed.

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Journal Journal: I have a new sig!!

* **V**O**T**E***F**O**R***R**O**Y***M**O**O**R**E** *4***P**R**E**Z***

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Journal Journal: Trollback for October 2003 9

Assmasters of the universe!

It is nearly 400 years since Guy Fawkes was hanged, drawn, and quartered for attempting to poison the Queen of England. Once you've tired of celebrating his memory in the traditional way, why not come inside and treat yourself to the October 2003 edition of Trollback?

Slashdot news and happenings

Back in May we discussed the psychiatrist's dream that is HanzoSan. All good things must come to an end, and it seems the same is also true for HanzoSan. After some inspiring work, that which HanzoSan loves the most was taken away from him: karma. His comment history shows his karma has been decimated. Like a tree falling in the forest with no-one to hear it, HanzoSan cannot be heard without karma, and he has officially left the building. In a rare gesture of kindness, HanzoSan included a list of who to thank in his diary.

We welcome Pan T. Hose, who has already been a victim of CmdrTaco's secret powers. Not only does Pan T. Hose have three entries in The List, but he gets an honourable mention for starting one of the best threads of the month. Trollback looks forward to a long line of posts!

It was pointed out by Trollback follower x.c.v that we never reported on Mensa Babe. This was not intentional, so we now present a posthumous investigation into some of Mensa Babe's finest work as selected by fellow Trollback fan x.c.v: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]. Remember, if you see a user who shows potential, and we don't seem to be tracking said user, an email to Trollback's address or a post to 31337 goes a long way to rectifying the situation.

It seems to have been a bad month for our favorite glorified blogs. It seems that everyone have received their fair share of 5xx errors after triggering boundary conditions by, say, clicking on a story link, discussed by Taco in journal entries. Now I know you keep telling us there's never going to be a Meta section, but honestly Rob, a rose by any other name...


Slashdot's 5xx problems were minor compared to the trials of k5. An age-old problem in systems maintenance is how to create a test environment that can be guaranteed to perform exactly as the live environment does. Fortunately, Mr Foster had a brilliant solution to this problem: test major changes on the live server. What followed was a month of turmoil, where the site was seemingly more down than up. This problem finally seems to be under control, for reasons possibly not unrelated to the fact that the servers only have to handle a fraction of the requests they used to thanks to a large exodus of the userbase. The phrases "open source" and "enterprise ready" keep popping into Trollback's mind, but Trollback cannot figure out why.

After a lengthy hiatus, has resurfaced in the form of an archive. Although a static site, there are links to all of the comments that made fun. The world is once again safe from teenage hackers.

The List

(4,6,45) Anonymous Coward | Re:Here is the text...
(-1,19,32) Anonymous Coward | mp3 music is illegal
(5,14,109) mao che minh | Cool
(0,16,57) Dancin Santa | I kind of like SiteFinder
(1,21,65) Dancin Santa | Losing the Insert key
(0,7,13) egg troll | Such a waste of money
(2,12,114) Tyreth | Starlight and time
(0,18,79) larry bagina | slashdot == sexist
(1,13,18) Krapangor | Why should be decent product activation evil ?
(0,8,18) egg troll | Why are they backing off?
(5,9,33) Pan T. Hose | Funny
(4,32,87) Anonymous Coward | Availability of the DNC
(5,9,33) Pan T. Hose | Interesting
(0,14,49) Krapangor | Java ?
(1,9,58) Pan T. Hose | I am sick of it
(2,24,65) Anonymous Coward | True costs of Linux (egg troll)
(2,11,24) Sheetrock | It makes sense.
(1,17,120) downix | While I like the idea...
(3,18,53) Dancin Santa | GPL == Communism, and I like it that way
(2,25,74) Sheetrock | I don't really like it (yet)
(-1,10,15) Michael's a Jerk! | MS works for me (Not a troll, please read) (egg troll)
(-1,15,22) Michael's a Jerk! | As a record store owner.

Honourable Mentions

That's it for this month!


Journal Journal: Trollback for September 2003 5

Fellow Assmasters,

Welcome to September 2003's Trollback!

That's right, trollback is actually on time this month, and with another great list as well. As will be expected by trollback's readers, rkz's repost of xprt's gem takes the cake this month. For the sake of completeness, trollback would like the URL to the original post on k5 posted in a comment in this journal. Thanks in advance.

Trollback is heartened to see it has made it to the mainstream. There must be something humourous to say to this, but trollback's comedy muse has failed to materialise.

Trollback had the suggestion to include this post in September trollback, as it apparently has something to do with the true story behind the *BSD trolls. Trollback would like more information about that post, and invites comment from the submitter.

Finally, some of the more prolific trolls are hard to keep up with, particularly those who post more than 24 comments inside of 3 days. Trollback can think of three ways around this:

  1. Trollback ceases to be lazy and leaving things to the last minute
  2. These same trolls emailing trollback their posts for consideration
  3. Someone purchasing trollback a subscription so we can see further back than the last 24 comments

The first option is unlikely to happen. Perhaps we may be able to get CMF funding?

The List

(5,17,64) Zeinfeld | Re:Rimshot
(-1,7,28) stratjakt | Amazing is an innapropriate adjective
(2,37,209) mao che minh | At the end of the day
(-1,9,36) mnmn | 64-benchmarks wont be good
(0,7,21) rkz | ATTN: Editors
(1,14,65) egg troll | A bad decision
(3,12,77) RobotWisdom | Fundamentalist materialism
(-1,3,7) Anonymous Coward | Re:Kubrick promised us the Monolith...
(2,19,246) ColdGrits | Re:I think
(-1,7,9) Sheetrock | Historical Notes.
(2,49,72) rkz | As a record store owner. (by xprt on k5)
(2,22,48) BsoF | crazy
(4,23,46) Amsterdam Vallon | Most ISPs have blocked it
(0,18,47) Syberghost | Deathtraps
(5,19,93) rkz | Hi.
(-1,20,38) Amsterdam Vallon | I wouldn't buy the Athlon anyway
(-1,10,62) Amsterdam Vallon | Why buys Macs?
(1,13,23) Krapangor | This is not o.k.
(3,11,52) Amsterdam Vallon | Nope
(3,11,32) Amsterdam Vallon | I blame colleges
(4,18,38) Amsterdam Vallon | Application programming is a dying paradigm
(4,14,111) Amsterdam Vallon | Groundbreaking suggestion
(1,14,48) Tirel | deceit
(4,22,266) mao che minh | You got sued, yay!
(1,11,14) rkz | Also quite annoying
(1,13,43) rkz | Re:Mo Money! Mo Money! Mo Money!
(-1,10,28) rkz | Sorry but you leftist bastards piss me off.
(-1,24,41) Krapangor | I doubt that they will match the Matrix.
(-1,13,27) Anonymous Coward | I HATE MAC'S
(-1,5,29) Anonymous Coward | Why?
(2,18,34) BsoF | stupid
(0,11,21) Krapangor | Why Slackware ?
(1,12,23) Krapangor | This is a misguided invention.
(-1,8,8) Krapangor | What I don't understand.
(5,10,26) Sheetrock | Another interesting fact:

Honourable Mentions

  • egg troll reminds over-excited slashdot readers the realities of tall structures in this post 11/9 world.
  • rkz shows what slashdotters think of piracy when it happens to a linux company.

That's it for this month!

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Journal Journal: Trollback for August 2003 9

Friends, Romans, Assmasters

Welcome to Trollback for August 2003. Trollback is sorry that this publication is consistently late. If it is any consolation, you can rest assured that the list this month is great. Congratulations to all involved.

The Slashdot Submission Life cycle

Some of you might be wondering what the life cycle of a rejected slashdot submission is. This explains all.

Slashdot prophylactics

Just as cows have bells around their necks, and cars have men with red flags walking in front of them, so do Slashbots have their t-shirt competition. Anybody who doesn't look at the winners of this competition will have their trolling licenses revoked.

How can trollback possibly pick a favourite out of such quality material as this? Fortunately they are all of appropriate quality, although this shirt holds a special place in trollback's heart.

The natural habitat of a Taco

Parts of America were plunged into darkness due to a terrorist attack, depriving CmdrTaco of his computer games and stolen MP3s. On the plus side, this allows us to see how a nerd like CmdrTaco behaves when he has to live in the real world. Eagerly anticipating tales of jogging, mountain biking and drunken revelry, trollback checked the journal of a geek.

Surprisingly, physical activities were not once mentioned, but we do learn that he played dominoes and listened to the radio solidly. The report was vague about whether the last part was done huddled in the corner of the room, rocking back and forth while sobbing.

The List

(4,12,50) Adam Rightmann | SCO is plainly lying
(-1,14,22) Anonymous Coward | The Mandrake Boycott (Please Read!)
(-1,8,23) Anonymous Coward | The Mandrake Boycott (IMPORTANT!)
(-1,19,172) Sheetrock | I've been doing some thinking about this lately.
(5,20,97) rkz | Re:Because without KaZaa....
(2,10,53) Eese | How to buy open source software...
(5,33,120) Sheetrock | The problem that just won't go away.
(5,11,78) pjack76 | Re:SCO
(5,8,39) kmak | Wasn't real money per se..
(5,16,59) Sheetrock | The problem may be on your side of the phone.
(5,11,135) Tirel | heh
(-1,16,29) ColdGrits | So apache no invulnerable then...
(5,11,66) rkz | Re:Well that's good and all, but
(3,17,69) gazbo | Re:the $64,000 question:
(5,15,24) GoatPigSheep | RMS promotes his views too strongly.
(0,18,104) Anonymous Coward | Another interesting math problem
(0,9,23) Sheetrock | One thing I don't really get...
(-1,10,17) gazbo | Re:Naww!!!
(5,13,24) Sheetrock | The thing is...
(4,20,50) SlashChick | Happens in Open Source too!

Honourable Mentions

That's it for this month!

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Journal Journal: Trollback for July 2003 5

Greetings Assmasters

Its the middle of August - the obvious time for a July Trollback!

Group hug and honourable mention

Trollback is pleased to see newcomer rkz being so active this month. Trollback uses its amazing prediction skills to determine that he will be nearing the top of August's Trollback, but until then we have shown our gratitude by allowing him to choose his favorite July troll. Trollback sees a bright future ahead.

Wanna cyber?

Who would have thought that restricting comments in a journal to friends only would create a worthless circle-jerk? Trollback for one was astounded that such a thing would happen, especially when the author has so few friends to begin with. The resulting journal shows how exciting discussion is promoted by the troll-prevention measure. Trollback is disheartened at the number of pimply wannabes who are undoubtedly awestruck by the number of "celebrities" in the comments.

Better late than never

The astute will notice that this journal entry from CmdrTaco was actually written towards the end of June; some things, however, are more important than dates. One such thing would be an entire journal entry from our site's beloved leader, dedicated to demonstrating how easy it is to troll him. If anyone would like to step up to the challenge of trolling Taco into posting your email in his diary, trollback is ready to hand out the propz.

The list

(2,23,47) BsoF | interesting
(0,12,44) rkz | You call this a capitalist society?
(4,12,30) Sheetrock | Good interview.
(2,7,7) Anonymous Coward | Re:again?
(-1,13,25) BsoF | good
(2,33,90) PhysicsGenius | You are kidding, right?
(5,13,34) Adam Rightmann | Sometimes, tech jargon has a purpose
(2,28,50) PhysicsGenius | Business patents and time to railroad
(5,16,31) b.foster | Preaching to the quire
(-1,4,17) Anonymous Coward | How many more mass murders?
(3,15,55) BsoF | cool
(5,12,20) Bob Abooey | Whaaa????
(2,20,58) b.foster | If you can't do the time....
(-1,7,23) Anonymous Coward | As an attorney...
(5,35,162) egg troll | Not quite ready
(-1,6,24) Anonymous Coward | Freenet is under corporate control, not 100% free.
(0,8,30) egg troll | The Superiority of PHP over Perl
(1,31,143) reporter | All About the Same

With such a short list, trollback is sure to have missed some worthy links. Feel free to post said links in the comments section and trollback will add comments to the list.

Honourable mentions

  • Save something from being slashdotted, insert tubgirl and goatse links, -1 Informative
  • Save something from being slashdotted, insert the phrase "taco-snotting", +5 Informative

That's it for this month!

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Journal Journal: Teach me economics: Why are tech jobs going to India? 19

American companies are moving tech jobs overseas to India [more info]. Why? Simple, it's all about money. But how is that so? The article says that Indian programmers make 1/10th that of American programmers. Why do they make so much less?

I'm not an economist, but here's a some possible reasons:

  1. There is a larger supply of programmers in India than the demand for those programmers. That makes the price of programmers low. But only 10% of what American programmers make? That can't be the only answer.
  2. The cost of living in India is 1/10th the cost of living in the US. Is that true? If I moved to India, would I have 10 times my current buying power (assuming I was able to continue making my American salary) ?
  3. Normal economic rules do not apply to India because a) people don't use money there, they are communists; b) programmers do not need money, because non-programmers revere them and supply the programmers with all their wants; c) all programmers in India funnel a tiny fraction of every American banking transaction into their own Indian bank accounts (ala Office Space).
  4. Indian programmers are super-smart and only need to program 4 hours a week. The rest of the week, they work as back-breaking rice farmers.

My guess is #2 is the main reason why. Any thoughts? Also, how long can #2 last? Eventually, won't the cost of Indian programmers rise to near American proportions? If an Indian wanted to live an American lifestyle (DVD players, big houses, eating out every night, watching movies on the big screen, multiple computers, TV dinners, big automobiles, Starbucks, DSL, etc etc etc), wouldn't she need to make more money than $6,000 ? How long will it take for this inflation to take place? Globalization is a two-way street, right?

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