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Comment Cool... If this goes for Oracle... (Score 2, Interesting) 475

I can see MORE innovation going to countries that have not setup copyright along with the USA. Java being completely dead, companies like Microsoft going after everyone on US soil that "Infringed" on their API by implementing it. Apple going after.... Oracle going after...

I guess IBM should watch out.....

I guess the good news is that if Google puts their weight behind Python or some other language then it will actually tag along with the success that Android has already become. The better for the language whichever it happens to be. Of course, they could also just fix up their Go language as well.

Companies can really be stupid sometimes. All in the name of protecting their "Shareholders" I guess.

Comment Re:that's funny (Score 1) 672

Sadly, I have been involved with several scares with my wife's medical over the last 2 years. After spending $3000 in Co-Pays and several 10s of 1000s in payments from insurance. We probably could have got a better diagnosis from the gardener.

BTW, they came back and said, "She was having problems with gas, and may have some ulcers."

Comment Sadly I Live in Tennessee (Score 1) 672

To surrender to ignorance and call it God has always been premature, and it remains premature today.
- Isaac Asimov

The problem with letting this kind of stuff in, is that science is OK with being wrong, that is part of science. If people decide there is no reason to consider something anymore, because their god made it happen, then anyone that does question could be burned at the stake. (Oh sorry, wrong millennium.....)

Submission + - Stunning New Image of a Stellar Nursery (

pigrabbitbear writes: "About 7,500 light-years from Earth, there’s a giant interstellar pocket that has produced a host of bright young stars. Thanks to massive deposits of gas and dust — the key star-making ingredients — the phenomenon known as NGC 3324 was a hotbed for starbirth several million years ago that produced several very hot-and-heavy stars that clearly stick out in a new image captured by the European Southern Observatory’s Wide Field Imager at the organization’s La Silla Observatory in Chile."

Submission + - DC Comics Announces "Before Watchmen" (

eldavojohn writes: Currently DC Comics' site has a banner announcing a new series called "Before Watchmen." Unfortunately the blog pages for this new series appear to be experiencing high traffic and are unreachable. But a number of sites are breaking down these new endeavors that will be giving back stories to the seven characters and who will be creating each of those series. There's also speculation ranging from how much this must upset Alan Moore (egg frying on his forehead seems to be the popular guess) to the theory that this is simply for more move material. There's an abundance of information from interviews released today.

Submission + - Petition: Workers shouldn't die for the iPhone 5 (

zacharye writes: A new web-based petition singles out Apple and calls for the company to force its suppliers to reform the working conditions at their factories. Original device manufacturer Hon Hai and its subsidiary Foxconn are among the Eastern firms repeatedly accused of mistreating workers, and Apple has again been called upon to demand change as Foxconn’s biggest customer...

Submission + - Steam proves we don't own the games we buy ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: A recent decision to ban a user account has reminded us all we don’t technically own the games bought through the service. If your account is banned, you can’t login and play your games. All that money you spent on tens, or even hundreds of titles doesn’t count for anything.

The example that proves this is the story of a Russian gamer who goes by the name of gimperial. He has a Steam account with over 250 games stored on it that he paid for legitimately, spending over $1,500 purchasing them. However, Steam decided to ban his account for a terms of service violation. The problem is, they wouldn’t tell him what rule had been broken, and Steam’s support service refused to respond to his tickets after initially confirming the ban.

Comment Re:I'd start by shooting the Captain.... (Score 3, Informative) 416

From what I have heard, the rest of the crew ended up being a couple of entertainers that stepped up rescue efforts and tried to calm everyone down for an orderly exit. The captain should not have left, that is a maritime (sp?) understood thing. His responses on the Coast Guard recording are cowardly, and you really have to wonder how he got the job as Captain. You can be sure that he will never have the chance again.

I understand that the media has a tendency to vilify and expand on certain things in a story. This particular one there are recordings and other things that the public evidence seems to mounting fast.

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