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Comment Re:Power steering isn't a safety feature. (Score 1) 658

"Thin" tires have ZERO impact on your stopping ability. The weight of a car, the type of brakes (disc vice drum) and the conditions of the road are the only significant determinents of stopping distance if you are only stopping once. This car is so light the braking distance should be fantastic. Wider tires offer no more traction in virtually very circumstance- they are a marketing feature without real benefit other than decreased mileage and shittier performance in the wet and snow. Same with those large diameter, low aspect ratio tires, etc. ABS is a control factor in bad weather but "fender benders" are caused by tailgating and inattention- not technical factors. US drivers will continue to have issues because our minds are everywhere but the road.

Comment Re:This is just taste of what's to come (Score 2) 292

Do you REALLY believe the modern, current government of the us or any country is the right, proper, and most capable place for "securing" anything? Do you believe a centralized, procedurized and standardized approach to security is the most effective one?

I would argue the breaches, not the protections are mainly due to government action and inaction. The government should protect public sytems- eg those owned by the federal and state governments and critical to its operation. The private concerns should do the same for theres. Like other aspects of modern warfare, a decentralized method of planning, offense and defense is the best strategy (IMHO).

Comment Re:But that's not the real problem. (Score 1) 1651

I've been hit by cars on bikes several times- yes I do wear a helmet and no it was never scratched once in all the times I've been hit. My collar bone, pelvis and legs have not been so lucky... The real problem is (IMHO) that drives in the US are not paying attention to the road. Because driving is so central and there are so few alternatives, our roads also have shitty shoulders, shitty pavement and are too oriented towards highways. In cities there are few if any actual bike lanes and this all discourages an effective mass of cyclists- once cyclists reach a certain level I've found traffic adjusts to accomodate them. Also, the cops need to actually ticket and/or arrest people who slam into them. While the situation is OK here in New England I lived down south for a long while and the cops down there think a cyclist getting run over is a joke.

Comment Re:Not quite as bad as the Summary seems (Score 1) 486

I don't know about Minis but the "good" news about BMWs (IMHO) is that it's pretty likely the door solenoid is broken and the door won't open even if it's unlocked. Once you get past that, it's pretty likely there will be some other electrical or mechanical fault which prevents the thief from taking off. Long gone are the days when German "engineering" implied reliability- I've owned BMW or Mercedes since 1978 but every model I've owned which was built since 1997 has been COMPLETE shit- very, very unreliable primarily because of electrical issues. I'd say German cars are the British cars of the new decade.

Comment Re:Too late, but hey, thanks for trying Microsoft (Score 3, Interesting) 196

Well under Linux many solutions such as Ekiga can accomplish this either entirely under SIP or with a bridge to other systems like XMPP. If you'd like a less technical solution, you just open an account with a provider (I use sipgate and voipcheap but there are thousands of others:, configure your client (I use the one built into Android and Yate) and go! Obviously you can't call a phonenumber with video call but SIP has an email like "address" or you can directly call international and national phone lines for voice com. I regularly talk to mobile users in Ghana from the US for around 7 - 15cents/ minute. In the US and to many european countries the calls to landlines are free and to mobiles are virtually free. All SIP to SIP calls are free with my providers.

Comment Re:Waaay past the original projection (Score 1) 403

Really, the limitations of the day have resulted in the long life of the B-52- because there's tons of room, power and payload upgrades are not an issue. Trying to put something into the b2 or fighters which are already jammed with shit just causes CG, power and heat issues making the mods tons more expensive. There's a reason the B52 is the first to roll out major mods (FLIR, synthetic fuel, SATCOM, GPS, smart bombs and so on.

Comment Re:Extend the lifespan of B-52 beyond 2040? (Score 5, Interesting) 403

Not precisely- most certainly it would have at most four turbofans (much more fuel efficient), a full - flying (split, indepedendent) elevator and rudder (avoiding the wacko landing gear configuration or at least allowing greater adjustment and manuverability), more extensive ECCM and SEAD capabilities. It would also probably be cancelled as the USAF would fill it with composite materials which drive up production costs, new instead of proven commercial engines and so on. Also, without an asshole like Lemay in charge, it's tough for anything to make it through the system these days. Something as reliable and straightforward as the B52 wouldn't have a chance- just a a replacement for the A-10 doesn't have a chance.

Comment Yeah, and he's so qualified to judge this.. (Score 1) 134

Mr. Henry has earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Hofstra University in New York, and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University. He's a "bureau"crat saying what he's saying for political reasons and/or personal gain rather than any insight or competency. Not that academic credentials are the be all and end all but there's no indication either in his experience or training that would give me any confidence in his independent judgement or understanding of what others are telling him- other than that he's a politician....

Comment Re:You gotta compete on the global marketplace! (Score 1) 797

Spend some time poking around the appliance stores on the web in the UK and Holland (most web sites are in English) and you'll see what he's referring to. There are tons of appliances with conveniences and performance you just can't find in the US for anything less than ridiculous prices. I have the same oven I had in Germany (Bosch); it cost 600 euro in Hamburg and almost 2K here in the US; same model feature for feature. There are some odd things as well like efficient dishwashers and radiators (with efficient room by room thermostats) which you just can't find here at all but are commonplace elsewhere. Or take the Ford Escort diesel I had, can't be found here in the US but awesomely reliable and got way better mileage than anything in the US (including the Prius). The US just has no tolerance for quality.

Comment Re:ChromeOS competes with Android? (Score 1) 224

My idea is that Chrome as a brand name needs to be phased in later- once there is a larger market for Android devices. Chrome could be used to define internet interoperability- that two devices which feature "chrome" are compatible in the way you'd intuitively expect and behind the scenes they use whatever amazing technology they've discovered with ChromeOS development. Chrome apps would be available exclusively over the internet and you could purchase any app in the family and it would know how to interoperate with all the other chrome apps- in a visually oriented toolkit. It would control other, unrelated devices in an intuitive way. Nobody can define the real feature set, without spending the R&D Google has. Deliver the technology but market it as a feature without seeming to cause a conflict with Android.

Comment Re:Jettison ChromeOS (Score 1) 224

I would assume they will use Android to govern the "application" market for things which the user perceives as private, usable when there's no network at all, or rely on a lot of computer power and little network needs. ChromeOS, the technology if not the brand name, would be used to define a new level of compatibility and seamlessness with the internet. Chrome the name (rather than the OS) could be used to market this technology. Chrome capable devices could be given a physically distinquishing factor so if they had this feature you'd know they'd work together.

Comment Re:Already #1 in the US market (Score 1) 514

I have a Nokia- in face my last three phones have been Nokias. My wife has an Android (G1) and frankly, I don't understand why it's as popular with the non-geek crowd was it is. My Nokia, as a smart phone has two outstanding features which no Android seems to support- Skype over wifi and 3G and SIP. There is of course the Verizon bullshit version of Skype (lmao) and a couple of weird add-ons for SIP but seems like nobody's taking advantage of the platform for super cheap voice and talking in places there there's no GSM signal. The last especially since 3G and even cell coverage so just so spotty in much of the US. I'm clearly some sort of weird minority user but without either of these options an Android or any smartphone just seems like an overpriced, small screened laptop.

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