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The Internet

Australian Government To Mandate Internet Filters 305

ratzmilk writes "The Australian government is mandating the creation of 'clean' internet feeds. To be optionally made available to schools and homes that request it, the feed would offer built-in filters of 'pornography and inappropriate content'. Said Senator Controy: 'Labor makes no apologies to those that argue that any regulation of the internet is like going down the Chinese road ... If people equate freedom of speech with watching child pornography, then the Rudd-Labor Government is going to disagree.'"

Feed Engadget: Crapgadget: creepy baby pillow, fake Alienware PMP, USB message wand, and more! (

The endless flood of lame gadgets actually slowed this week in what we can only assume is a lull before the post-holiday gift-card-targeting storm, but rest assured that some still made into our inbox -- it always does. Good thing we've got Crapgadget. Enjoy the crap out of this, okay? We nearly gouged our eyes out in the making.

PS. Next week we're having A Crapgadget Christmas -- so send in pics of the worst, crappiest gadgets you get under the tree to crapgadget at engadget dawt com!

Read - Zaky baby pillow: These darn kids today, they don't live in enough terror. [Via Coolest-Gadgets]
Read - Alienware KIRF PMP: Ah, nothing goes with crappy, generic PMPs like a little light trademark infringement. [Via PMP Today]
Read - Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale: This thing might not even be worth $30 at an airport gift shop. [Via Techie Diva]
Read - USB message wand: Why communicate with others when you can just furiously wave a pre-programmed message at them?
Read - Pasen ONION1 PMP: Pasen's LAZYBUM PMP, now with added inscrutable branding! [Via Generation MP3]

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Submission + - Cisco to Allow Third Parties to access IOS (

MT628496 writes: Cisco plans to build IOS on a UNIX kernel and allow third party developers to access certain parts of it. IOS has traditionally been a closely guarded piece of software without any way for anyone to add functionality. There is not a time frame for when this is to occur.

Mandriva's Open Letter To Steve Ballmer 357

An anonymous reader writes "An entry on the Mandriva Blog, written by Mandriva CEO François Bancilhon, says that the Nigerian government, after ordering thousands of Classmate PCs with Mandriva Linux installed, has suddenly decided that they will instead install Windows. They will pay for the pre-loaded Mandriva Linux on the low-cost computing devices intended for children in the developing world, but immmediately replace the OS. The blog doesn't quite use the 'B' word but does suggest that this was not a decision that the Nigerian government made on its own."

UK Hacker loses Extradition Case 370

SnakeOil Steve writes to tell us that Gary McKinnon, the alleged hacker who broke into Army, Air Force, Navy, and NASA systems, has just lost his extradition case. From the article: "'My intention was never to disrupt security. The fact that I logged on and there were no passwords means that there was no security,' McKinnon said, outside the hearing at London's Bow Street Magistrates Court. 'I was looking for UFOs.'"

One Second Ads Hoping To Grab Your Eyes 105

otis wildflower writes "C|NET reports that GE will be airing a new advertising campaign called 'One Second Theatre'." From the article: "'GE One Second Theater,' as the campaign is being called, presents a humorous peek behind the scenes at recent General Electric commercials produced by BBDO. The campaign is intended specifically for new media like digital video recorders, which can be used to watch expanded versions of the spots, and News Corp.'s MySpace social-networking service, where visitors can read a mock profile of Elli, the elephant star of one of the commercials. The spots will also be accessible on MP3 players, through podcasts presented as if they were recorded by Elli and other characters from the spots, and on a microsite offering an online version of the campaign. The multimillion-dollar campaign, scheduled to begin Friday, is the most recent effort by GE to explore media beyond conventional commercials and print advertisements."

Google Avoids Surrendering Search Info 226

Mercury News has details of a San Francisco judge's decision that Google should give the DoJ some details on its search engine, but is not required to turn over records to the government. From the article: "McElvain emphasized the study would be more meaningful if it included search requests processed by Google, which by some estimates fields nearly half of all online queries in the United States. Ware concurred with the Justice Department on that point, writing in his order that 'the government's study may be significantly hampered if it did not have access to some information from the most often used search engine.' But Ware said the government didn't clearly explain why it needed a list of search requests to conduct its study, prompting him to conclude the Web site addresses would be adequate." Reaction to the news is available on the Google Blog.
User Journal

Journal Journal: The TT Calendar library 1.0

Yet another bit of free software from me. The TT calendar library is a PHP library for producing and manipulating calendar months as HTML. It simplifies the process of producing a calendar as an HTML table, and allows individual days and ranges of days to be coloured or enclosed in anchor tags at will. It has been tested with PHP versions greater than 4.0.6. The TT calendar library is free software released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public Licence. Get it from
User Journal

Journal Journal: Carndearg?

Someone asked me what "carndearg" means.
Anyone who's spent some time hillwalking in the Scottish Highlands will have seen at least one mountain called Carn Dearg, there are quite a few. I am told by Gaelic speakers that "Carn Dearg" means "Red rock" or "Red Mountain" and is pronounced something like "Karn jearrag".

Journal Journal: TT Web Site Manager 0.34 and ODBC module

On the offchance that anybody reading a post of mine looks at my journal, here's an announcement about two pieces of software I wrote.

The TT Web Site Manager is a general purpose database driven website management system written in PHP, featuring support for multiple database servers.

It allows multiple web sites to be built and managed entirely on the fly from dynamic content stored in a database without recourse to static files.

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