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Journal Journal: "Mysterious Future" no so mysterious

Subsribers see stories before everybody else. These stories are marked in red to indicate that they aren't published yet. However, the Slashdot interface doesn't tell you how long until they will be published. The stories are just marked as "To be published in the Mysterious Future!"

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Journal Journal: Slashdot CSS needs div around signatures

The ancient "--" before the signature to make it bloody obvious where the signature starts should now be replaced by a div around the signature. The old behavior could be emulated by sticking the "--" before the signature using css.

The new CSS layout rocks. It looks much cleaner, although a little flatter. Now that they Slashdot has it, it can be used to do all sorts of nifty new stuff.


Journal Journal: Less Moderation

It looks like there are less moderation points out there. I looked down the stories on the front page and I saw that many had zero comments that had reached my threshhold of four.

Journal Journal: More Frequent Moderation

It seems that I have been asked to moderate slashdot discussions a lot more frequently recently. I used to be asked to moderate every two to three weeks. Now I'm being asked to moderate every two to three days.

I'm curious what is causing this. There are a few possibilities that I see:

  1. Slashdot is giving out far more moderator points.
  2. Fewer people are willing to moderate now.
  3. Moderators are chosen differently.

Journal Journal: Subscriber Plums

I've been a slashdot subscriber for quite a while. I wanted to report on my experiences with the new Subscriber Plums.

The subscriber plum that I've used the most has been the ability to see stories up to twenty minutes before they are seen by everybody else. When this happens, the story header's backgound is red rather than the normal slashdot green and the story says that it will be posted in the Mysterious Future.

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