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Comment Re:Prior ASCII Art??? (Score 1) 369

So that's informative huh? I guess we *are* on slashdot. In that case let me indulge a bit of what a small little bird once let me know. (This is all from memory so bare with me.)

(.)---(.) -- far apart

( . | . ) -- big and smushy (>=D)

(.Y .) -- oops, the tity seems to be distracted (lopsided)

(@)(@) -- large aerolas/nipple

o o -- A cup

. . -- Zero cup(?)

\o/\o/ -- saggy

(o)(%) -- extra nipple

(`o)(o) -- zit on breast

# (o) -- Mastectomy

(^)(^) -- perkys

(~)(~) -- pierced

{o}{o} -- muscular breasts

|O|O| -- 19th century kinda girl (corset breasts)

(>)(>) -- 1940s rocket breasts

(.Y.) -- Wonderbra

Caution: Use above only as a rough guide. It is advisable to get real world experience for expert identification.

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