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Comment Re:Looks like drones aren't just for governments. (Score 1) 377

They don't require this necessarily. Make a decent enough AI that will fly to the place to take pictures, then fly back, and you don't need to communicate with it at all. At a little bit of image recognition and only have it take pictures of things that don't look like ${Background} then it can stay out their for a while search and return back to upload when it's micro sd card is full.

Comment Re:SEARCH!!!! (Score 1) 763

this is true with many websites; I would not make this a high priority for slashdot. Why do you assume that some /. programmer is going to beat google at its own game? I guess they could simply put one of those "search this site with google" boxes, but you already know how to do that so....

Comment Re:Why use a social networking site if... (Score 1) 352

Because my world is not as black and white as yours. I don't mind sharing some things about me, what I'm doing, and what I'm browsing with the world and a little more with my friends. That doesn't mean I want to share everything.

You say you don't understand this 'sky is falling' mentality, but your only suggestion to the common annoyance, "I wish facebook didn't track so much" is "UNPLUG."?! Your suggestion goes against your own complaint.

Comment Re:Price of a textbook. (Score 1) 349

If what you said were true, then in K-12, there would never be homework, because homework is a form of learning something yourself. If what you said were true, then I never would have had lab classes in undergrad, and I never would have had TA groups in grad school. The reason that you spend more time studying yourself at a "University" is because you are growing up and there is more information, more quickly. But this is not a black and white thing, from K-12-Undergrad-Gradschool, it is simply a gradient of slowly being expected to learn more and more without the direct help of an adult.

Comment Re:A novel idea... (Score 1) 275

We do not have choose your own taxes in america, and we aren't going to start it over the f\/ck!ng weather satellites.

"I'm sorry sir, I know you walk to the bus and back for work, but you are too poor to know whether or not it is supposed to rain today"

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