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Comment Re:Major problem... (Score 2, Insightful) 249

Yeah, it's good way to brick-your-brain. Let the weirdos of the underworld test this out on themselves. There are a lot of humans (usually of the clubbing type) that are perfectly willing to act as guinea pigs because they buy into the idea that the "next thing" is going to open their mind to a whole new world. Let the successes rise out of that mountain of failures (bricked brains) and in 20 years we might actually have some functional neurostim products.

Comment Re:False Sense of Security (Score 3, Insightful) 248

Exactly. They have the logic backwards. What if an area didn't get covered in spraying? So that area would be "dark" and they think it's safe? Yikes, that's a false negative. They need to reverse it to avoid that false negative.

If the bacteria only glow WITHOUT the presence of landmine. That way, at best you get false positives which is less dangerous than a false negative, in this situation.

Comment If you have an Android phone: SplashID (Score 1) 1007

SplashID on your Android phone.
Use one 256bit Blowfish password to access ALL of your passwords. Your phone goes everywhere with you, so do your passwords. If you lose your phone, no big deal. Chances are that person doesn't have the resources to crack that encryption.

Best part is you can use it to fill in forms for websites you visit on your phone, which is good because typing in obscure passwords on a phone can be a challenging feat.

Comment Re:fuck autotune (Score 3, Insightful) 183

fuck autotune...that shit was old from day one.

Yeah, but Carl Sagan is dead, so there aren't many other ways to make it seem like he's singing. If anything, this is the most appropriate use of autotune technology I've seen to date: Making the dead come back to life in a new way.

I'm sure Carl would approve :)

Comment Re:New Alert System (Score 1) 320

if I were taking a walk around my state's capital square and witnessed an apparent civilian with a rifle "safely slung" over their shoulder, you'd better fucking believe I'd wonder about intent. And then I'd quickly guide my family away in the opposite direction (.

In certain contexts, the only purpose to openly carry in this manner would be to make some kind of political statement. [emphasis is mine]

So you would quickly guide your family away from someone making "some kind of political statement"? Why would you do that? Are you afraid your family might learn something about the 2nd Amendment?

I'm just trying to understand why you would be afraid of someone making a political statement, as you put it.

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