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Comment Re:yes it can (Score 2) 317

> android is samsung

yeah, because that does not change... as it wasn't HTC a year ago, until samsung showed up with slighter less bad quality phones.

Nokia can totally show up tomorrow with slighter less bad quality phones than samsung and became synonymous with android.

Comment Re:How about idle?? (Score 1) 259

> noise
that's because you put your $3000 parts into a $15 case that you've been reusing for 27 years...

i did that too. until 3 years ago i got an antec case for almost 200, a massive cooler and several high end larger fans, all obscenely priced --- and moved to raid0 instead of 6 :(

it's now totally silent. and i live in a place where it makes 80F and i don't like A/C

Comment snake oil department (Score 1) 144

Not even a snake oil salesman... a snake oil department!

Grant Assistance

The Department of Homeland Security makes grants available to states, local and tribal jurisdictions, and other regional authorities to assist in planning, equipment purchase, training, and exercise needs. Draganfly Innovations will provide grant writing support, consultation, and assistance to qualified agencies.
Contact Kevin, our grant assistance specialist,
  Call 1-800-979-9794 or 306-955-9907 (ext. 6111)

Comment wtf is a digital archery contest? (Score 1) 84

clicked all the article links and they all talk like everyone know what it means. Also google search only link to articles saying icann is not using whatever it is. probably the very same article that must have came here trhu reuters or some other.

The only link that does not appear to be that same article is this one
but it appears to be the destination of clicks on those 'hit the monkey' banners from the 90s so i will not take it seriously.

Comment no you can't (Score 1) 197

google maps only allow offline maps in certain locations.

useless when you are in said locations because they all have coverage.

go overseas or to desert places and you get a nice warning about offline maps not being available.

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