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4-Billion-Pixel Panorama View From Curiosity Rover 101

SternisheFan points out that there is a great new panorama made from shots from the Curiosity Rover. "Sweep your gaze around Gale Crater on Mars, where NASA's Curiosity rover is currently exploring, with this 4-billion-pixel panorama stitched together from 295 images. ...The entire image stretches 90,000 by 45,000 pixels and uses pictures taken by the rover's two MastCams. The best way to enjoy it is to go into fullscreen mode and slowly soak up the scenery — from the distant high edges of the crater to the enormous and looming Mount Sharp, the rover's eventual destination."
Electronic Frontier Foundation

DOJ Often Used Cell Tower Impersonating Devices Without Explicit Warrants 146

Via the EFF comes news that, during a case involving the use of a Stingray device, the DOJ revealed that it was standard practice to use the devices without explicitly requesting permission in warrants. "When Rigmaiden filed a motion to suppress the Stingray evidence as a warrantless search in violation of the Fourth Amendment, the government responded that this order was a search warrant that authorized the government to use the Stingray. Together with the ACLU of Northern California and the ACLU, we filed an amicus brief in support of Rigmaiden, noting that this 'order' wasn't a search warrant because it was directed towards Verizon, made no mention of an IMSI catcher or Stingray and didn't authorize the government — rather than Verizon — to do anything. Plus to the extent it captured loads of information from other people not suspected of criminal activity it was a 'general warrant,' the precise evil the Fourth Amendment was designed to prevent. ... The emails make clear that U.S. Attorneys in the Northern California were using Stingrays but not informing magistrates of what exactly they were doing. And once the judges got wind of what was actually going on, they were none too pleased:"

Comment Re:Reinstall Ubuntu. (Score 1, Interesting) 573

aymous coward couldn't be wronger.

Ubuntu makes you dumb. period.

your goal is to find a distro with good documentation. if you are 200% serious, I'd say start with openBSD. not Linux perse, but it's the only place where documentation issues are considered high priority bugs. also you will learn a lot more about best practices (the main reason I think the parent is being obnoxious as suggestion Ubuntu for someone who is clearly already abusing sudo more than he/she should)

also, I'd say 90% of /. started with slack ware, moved to red hat or debian based distros, then played with linux-from-scratch.

lastly, threat every choice as life threatening :-) ...installer asks you which file system? research the hell out of every option. do not install Linux pressing next-next-next-finish.

Comment Re:Does no one actually read the articles? (Score 1, Interesting) 115


It works like this: Google makes you scan several of your friends in several outfits and tag them.

Now Google has a database of, your friends and social circle; your friends faces; your friends cloth shopping habits for direct ad targeting

And you have nothing because this feature will probably only work 5% of the time

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