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Comment Re:End-to-end encryption (Score 1) 152

Yeah, and anytime this happens you pick up the phone and raise a warning within the organization with its 300,000 machines, of which around 500 have something updated that every day that changes the host key....

Or just press Y?

Also, where did you got the key to begin with? ooh, right. Via a gov owned backbone in some point of the connection.


The Trouble With Bringing Your Business Laptop To China 402

snydeq writes "A growing trend faces business executives traveling to China: government or industry spooks stealing data from their laptops and installing spyware. 'While you were out to dinner that first night, someone entered your room (often a nominal hotel staffer), carefully examined the contents of your laptop, and installed spyware on the computer — without your having a clue. The result? Exposure of information, including customer data, product development documentation, countless emails, and other proprietary information of value to competitors and foreign governments. Perhaps even, thanks to the spyware, there's an ongoing infection in your corporate network that continually phones home key secrets for months or years afterward.'"

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