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Comment Re:Goes both ways... (Score 1) 645

Christianity The belief that some cosmic jewish zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree. Makes perfect sense

Best Man Rigs Newlyweds' Bed To Tweet During Sex 272

When an UK man was asked to be the best man at a friend's wedding he agreed that he would not pull any pranks before or during the ceremony. Now the groom wishes he had extended the agreement to after the blessed occasion as well. The best man snuck into the newlyweds' house while they were away on their honeymoon and placed a pressure-sensitive device under their mattress. The device now automatically tweets when the couple have sex. The updates include the length of activity and how vigorous the act was on a scale of 1-10.
PlayStation (Games)

US Air Force Buying Another 2,200 PS3s 144

bleedingpegasus sends word that the US Air Force will be grabbing up 2,200 new PlayStation 3 consoles for research into supercomputing. They already have a cluster made from 336 of the old-style (non-Slim) consoles, which they've used for a variety of purposes, including "processing multiple radar images into higher resolution composite images (known as synthetic aperture radar image formation), high-def video processing, and 'neuromorphic computing.'" According to the Justification Review Document (DOC), "Once the hardware configuration is implemented, software code will be developed in-house for cluster implementation utilizing a Linux-based operating software."

Wired Writer Disappears, Find Him and Make $5k 135

carp3_noct3m writes "A freelance Wired magazine journalist has decided to see what it is like to disappear from normal life, all while staying on the grid. The catch, is that he is challenging anyone and everyone to find him, take a picture, and speak a special codeword to him. If you can do that, you can make 5000 dollars, which happens to come out of his paycheck for the article he'll be writing. Oh, and to top it all off, whoever finds him gets pictures and interviews in Wired. He has been posting to his Twitter, using TOR for internet, and the Wired website will be posting his credit card transactions."

Comment FPGA programming is very, very different (Score 2, Insightful) 185

This really is not a task for programmers. It is a task for an engineer that has done both logic and software design. I've been programming FPGA's since Xilinx came out with their first chips. At the time, it was all schematic capture. Place and route never completed on its own, it always required user editing to finish. FPGA design techniques depend on your constraints. For some projects, it is much cheaper to buy a very large FPGA and not worry about space optimization. If you are building thousands of the same device, then space optimization is critical. For other projects, logic timing is everything. Every chip has it's own constraints as well, especially if speed is an issue. When speed is an issue, you have to really understand how your VHDL will be implemented, because it will make all the difference between sucess & failure. Learning how to use constraint files is important. Learning how to test using simulations is critical. Time spent writing and runing simulations may exceed design time for an order of magnitude.

Comment more like wild guess (Score 1) 158

Faces are not unique enough to identify an individual. Also, faces change with time, glasses, shaving habits, makeup, piercings, and who knows what else. People are much better than computers at face recognition, and it is a task that trained observers will often fail at. There is just no way that a computer can manage more than a wild guess.

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