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Comment Re:Man, oh man! (Score 1) 582

The only reason the post office is 'losing money' is due to unions.

Take away ridiculous union requirements that prevent them from, god for bid, firing someone and you'll find that the postal service does just fine on its own.

The postal service will cease to exist before the unions stop raping it for all its worth.

Comment Re:no public fix (Score 2) 137

Bullshit. I bet they were hoping to very quietly roll it into a driver update and have it all go away.

Yes, that would be ideal for everyone. If it just silently went away, that also means it wasn't much of a problem ... that means it didn't get used as a massive exploit. Thats good.

There is no scenario where 'going away' is a bad thing, unless you're just all angsty and looking for a reason to tell 'the man' how much he sucks.

Comment Re:They should have gone with Python (Score 3, Interesting) 387

I'm one of the first C programmers and I've switched to js and node.js. it's better and faster than C.

Then you're doing it wrong. And if you had half as much experience as you claim to have in this and your other post, you would understand that.

Just because you've written some C, doesn't mean you know what you're doing. I've worked with plenty of 'programmers' who have been 'doing it all their life' or better yet, 'longer than you've been alive' (refering to me) and those statements universally come from people who suck and are too stupid to realize it.

You go on to further my point about you not really knowing what you're talking about when in other posts you talk about the x86 emulator written JavaScript as if thats supposed to be something to show how awesome it is. When you make that awesome emulator there out run my copy of QEMU without kmod, then perhaps I'll give you a listen, but you've got to be absolutely retarded to actually think JavaScript as a language has a technical reason for it to be faster than compiled C in reality, you being unable to write quality C withstanding.

Yes, decent Javascript can out run really really shitty C, but only if you stack the deck so that C doesn't have a chance first. Just because you've seen a porn, doesn't mean you know how to be a parent.

Comment Re:Evolutionary Niche (Score 2) 263

Considering these are effectively the new dumb terminals

Thats the problem.

These aren't dumb terminals. The web sucks with dumb terminals. Turn off plugins and javascript, THAT would make it far more like a dumb terminal, though not completely.

Chromebooks are just a halfassed attempt to make you think its a dumb terminal. Your Chromebook still has to run the browser, display graphics, render OpenGL, process sound and apply effects and tons of other stuff.

A TV with a keyboard attached to the network sending key strokes to the server who then updates the display image and sends nothing more than a rendered image back to the display is how dumb terminals work.

Chromebooks are just excuses for you to tie yourself to Google under the cover of what acts like a 'dumb' terminal.

Chromebooks gain none of the advantages of dumb terminals, all the problems of an unpopular full blown OS and an invasion of privacy on levels not before seen in computing.

Comment Re:Apps and carriers. (Score 1) 404

Blackberry had the lead, they pissed it away by pretending nothing could unseat them. There really is no chance of a comeback.

Businesses aren't stupid. They can act like iPhone owners are kids and all thats going to do is piss off the guy making the decision and he's going to respond by calling them on his iPhone and telling them how out of touch with reality they are and he'll just keep his iPhone.

Assuming nothing changes, your wife will move off of an iPad within the next couple of years as well. No business continues to 'run' on an iPad for long. Many have tried, but it doesn't last. My wife is a doctor, she would lose her fucking mind if some moron told her she had to do her medical notes on an iPad, so would pretty much all the rest who actually have to do shit on a regular basis. She might carry an iPad around to read some data, but it simply not ergonomic for data input, which is something workers do actually have to do.

Blackberry has proven they are incapable of writing software that can integrate well with anything. Ask any poor bastard who has had to deal with BES. And why should they have to? Everyone elses phones integrate with the existing infrastructure in various ways with little extra effort, even the iPhone.

Comment Re:No (Score 2) 404

While I agree with you in principle on the No to headline aspect, lets put things in perspective.

5 years ago, neither Google nor Apple sold a phone, yet between the two of them they've entirely owned the market, world wide.

If that doesn't make it clear just how silly fragile your market dominance can be I don't know what is.

Can someone do it? Yes, just have to wait until Google and Apple sit on their butt for a bit. It may not be today, or tomorrow, but it will happen.

All things come to pass.

Comment Re:I'd expect that... (Score 1) 404

And since the iPhone has come out, who has given a flying fuck about the pile of shit more commonly known as BES?

No one. BES mattered because of push email. Guess what, EVERYONE DOES PUSH EMAIL NOW, making BES entirely unimportant.

The only thing BES offers is being tired into running yet another POS server package written by a bunch of morons who wanted to lock you into a proprietary protocol when open/public ones would do better and have existed longer than the company itself.

Comment Re:Cancelled today (Score 2) 203

I live in Cary. Canceled my service because they wouldn't give me a new subscriber rate on their own channels. First month after they sent me a letter, half the original price, more bandwidth, for one year. I had already switched to Uverse (which is shitty in my neighborhood unfortunately) so I didn't take it. The next month, as I as getting fed up with Uverse, I get a second letter. Sign back up and for $60/month will give you cable and Internet (second from the top tier) for 2 years.

I switched back.

In another year and a half, I will again cancel my service for as long as needed to get the price back down to where I accept it.

Having dealt with them intimately over the past few years, they make so much profit they could literally replace every single piece of equipment they own, EVERY SINGLE MONTH, and still make a comfortable profit. Can't lay new cables monthly, but its not off by month.

Comment Re:Time Warner Cable should push HBO / cinemax (Score 0) 203

Most of the country? You're silly little oddball habits are only important in the vacuum between your ears. The rest of the world works differently than your silly ideas of how it is.

To specifically answer your question, Joe_Dragon obviously cares, so the message you were replying to already answered your silly little questions. Your attempt at being snarky just made you look stupid.

Comment Re:American sweatshop (Score 1) 210

Yes, because fresh out of high school you understood the point of the business and what they were trying to accomplish.

Sadly, you seem to be somewhere post-after-high school and you still don't understand that your goals may not actually be the goal of the company as a whole and that they may have a strategy that fits them better.

They may not, but fresh out of high school you certainly didn't have the cluepon needed to understand that.

Comment Re:American sweatshop (Score 0) 210

Yea, unions are awesome. Not like they cause more employement problems or anything. Not like there aren't any recent examples of unions ruining the lives of their members or anything, causing companies to go out of business ... preventing non-unionized employees from getting jobs.

If you think unions or the solution you're ignorant. If you don't like your working environment, CHANGE IT. There is absolutely no excuse in America for not having a job. The only reason ANY American is unemployed for an extended period of time is because they don't WANT to work. You may not be able to get the job you want, but you can certainly get a job that will keep you from starving or living under a bridge. It may not pay for you to live in some lifestyle you think you're entitled too, but you won't 'die'.

Get over yourself, you aren't entitled to anything.

Comment Re:What's wrong with 19" square monitors! (Score 2) 210

WTF? How does having more space on the side mean you have to scroll more?

Are you trading vertical space for horizontal space? If so thats pretty much your fault.

You don't buy a monitor thats 17" tall square and then get a 15" wide screen and pretend you got the same thing. Well, okay, an intelligent person wouldn't. You seem to be doing just that.

Comment Re:American sweatshop (Score 1) 210

His point would be that you're mind numbingly ignorant of how absolutely awesome it is to be even homeless in the US.

Spend a day in a country that actually sucks ass, then speak.

Go spend a day in Somalia, Lybia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, most of Africa, large sections of rural Asia.

You have absolutely no clue what 'bad' is.

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