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Comment Re:Can we discuss the fourth amendment now? (Score 1) 322

The watch list is also worldwide and covers all acts of terror, even tiny ones like blowing up cherry bombs in the school toilets and includes aliases. If I were on the watch list I'd have probably 15 entries that I'm aware of ... and I'm not trying to hide anything. You would have at least 2 considering your real name and slashdot user id, presumably many more as well.

If you put it in context, its not really that big.

Comment Re:As someone who has worked in IT for 20 years... (Score 1) 142

Then you and everyone you've ever worked with are shitty admins.

Not admitting to your mistakes is a big 'I'm afraid you'll realize I don't know what I'm doing if I tell you it was my fault' sign.

Its not unique to network admins, its there in all trades and its equally indicative of incompetence. Its also a grounds for immediate termination for anyone on my staff.

Comment Re:This is great! (Score 1) 142

The CCNA and NP are meaningless to anyone with a clue. Sorry you wasted your money but you need to know what they teach you before you even considering getting into the field, you need far more authoritative certifications to be useful job hunting. A CCNA or CCNP in network is roughly like saying 'I got a certificate because I could spell my own name ... given at least 3 tries.'

The reason you are still working at a help desk is simple. You aren't qualified to do anything else. Hate to burst your bubble, but your position in life is your own doing.

Comment Re:I RTFA (Score 2) 142

If you think 'software defined networking' and OpenFlow are going to make it more understandable you completely fail to understand how any software works at all.


You seem to think running software on your software that runs on your hardware is magically and unintuitively going to work better than software on hardware.

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