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Comment Re:stop the typical /. nonsense (Score 1) 262


They're just saying that if people complain about your blatantly offensive PUBLIC picture that shows up on EVERYTHING your name is attached to on G+ then they'll make it not your public face anymore.

You're still more than welcome to post links about it to your friends or the public, or host it in your photo albums.

You just aren't allowed do it in such a way that it is forced to be viewed by others.

Example: A priest posts publically on G+ for whatever reason. He has thousands of followers that would most certainly find the gesture offensive. These people are not going to visit your personal profile pictures on their own. You may post a link to them, but users have to actively follow it to see the pictures, and they can NOT follow it again in the future.

Your primary profile photos however, will show up next to your posts. So you can simply post a comment on one of the priests' public posts and now everyone reading his posts will see your profile photo. You have effectively forced your photo to be viewed by people who didn't want to.

Google could just block your account all together if you did that as you're clearly an asshole who needs to be removed. Or, they could just remove the photo, sense you don't seem to be an asshole otherwise, maybe just dumb.

How would you expect to be treated if you were wearing a T-shirt that said 'Fuck You!' on it in the doctors office? At a restaurant? The grocery store? In a class full of 5th graders? Let me give you a hint, G+ is being nice.

G+ isn't intended as a hang out for angsty teenagers who think they have to show the world just how anti-WhateverYouArea/Have they are.

Sorry, you'll have to stick to facebook until you grow up.

Comment Re:Go cry to your mother (Score 1) 262

Thats because G+ is for people who do shit.

Facebook is for people who don't do shit and have a lot of free time around to fuck off on the Internet, reading and posting to others. Much like slashdot, which I might point out, is exactly why I post on slashdot and read it :)

I prefer the low flow of G+ as I have it now. I have it send me notifications because I get posts in spurts every few days from my actual friends. Only one of them posts ridiculously and since he has a kid now, he's down to almost normal as well. In his defense, he's a Google employee, so I think he's obligated to use it often :)

Facebook is just a steady stream of crap that I don't care about from people who don't have anything better to do than tell us about their mood every 30 minutes or giving us a play by play of the cats day.

Comment Re:Completely reasonable (Score 1) 262

facebook is global.

But the dominate majority is american, so it doesn't matter. My company is global, we sold to 3 people in South Africa last year. Doesn't mean we design products for South Africans, since those 3 South African sales were worth the effort.

slashdot is global.

And 99.99999% of slashdot users recognize the finger as offensive. Plenty of people are pretending that its perfectly normal so they can rant about censorship, but everyone here most certainly recognizes it as offensive ... of course thats because ... most of slashdot's user base is from America, hence the bias towards ... American nerd news.

it's like making a music store only catering to people who listen to Mozart.

Well, I don't know about Mozart specifically, but I can name a store that only sells Jimmy Buffet stuff. I can think of stores that only sell Jazz. I can think of lots of very successful businesses that are focused. I can't really name one non-massive company that isn't rather focused in one or two specific areas, well, at least I can't think of any that aren't failures.

there's a wide difference with offering a social network and offering a community interaction site too

Yep, but for the most part, we're all humans with the same basic wants and needs. The differences in cultures are not that big in the grand scheme of things, even if you and a few others like you try to blow them out of proportion. Most people have the common sense to not be offended by someone elses ignorance in regard to gestures. There are of course fanatics, mostly the religious type that go to extremes but you can't really cater to them either. Most people won't take offense when a foreigner makes a gesture that is offensive to them since they know the foreigner might be ignorant of their culture. Most people have common sense, thats how they survive in the world. The worst that happens is they say 'stupid Americans' and then they don't get bothered about it anymore.

However, when that stupid American makes it clear they understand the gesture they are making is offensive and they do it intentionally, well that changes things.

(the realname debacle implies that too).

Google has chosen not to be a platform for you to use to remain anonymous. They didn't do it because they wanted your real name. They already know your real name, with the amount of data they get, its trivial for them to figure out exactly who you are.

Why they made that choice, I don't know. Perhaps they don't want to get involved in political issues where people like the Chinese speak out against their country and hide behind Google. They at least are making it clear they you will not be hidden and thats not what G+ is about. G+ is about your real identity being known, if you don't like that, its not for you.

I like it. I really don't have a problem with it, perhaps its because I stopped doing things that embarrassed me or that I wanted to hide from other people. I realize now that people are also a lot less likely to be dicks if their real name is attached, plenty of people are still dicks, but there are fewer of them.

Computer courage is a funny thing. People will do amazing shit if they think people won't realize its them.

who the fuck really gets offended by a strangers middle finger on the internet?

Me. Well, not really, but I don't really need to see your finger so you can show me that your a douche bag because you think the first thing people should see about you is the finger.

We're talking about someone who is intentionally putting a KNOWN offensive gesture on the first thing you see about the person, it shows up everywhere.

We're not talking about doing something that may be misconstrued. No one uses the finger in any way except to mean fuck you. There is NO other interpretation. They are intentionally being crude ... and making that a very public image. It shows up next to every post they make, anything that links back to them, everywhere in Google+. Shows up on chats, emails, hangouts, everywhere.

This isn't a woman without her face covered which means nothing to American's and is sacrilege to others, that would be unintentional. It isn't someone holding up the wrong version of the peace sign because they're ignorant.

This is intentional. This is premeditated. This is clearly someone trying to push the boundaries. This is just some douche back wanting to show his ass and then screaming censorship to draw attention to himself. If you can't recognize that, you're an idiot.

Assholes like this are detracting from the value of a word like 'censor'. Every time something like this gets press it makes the right minded people of the world care less and less about it, cause every time they hear about it it turns out to be some idiotic asshole ...

Comment Re:Google is doing that manually? (Score 1) 262

Except they could easily detect your script, they already have provisions for detecting automation that you're going to have to defeat first. I've tried, its certainly not impossible but its non-trivial to do for any extended number of requests.

And its unlikely that one 'flagging' would trigger them to look at it, it probably requires multiple people flagging it to matter.

Google has dealt with trolls far better than you for years. Hell, I've dealt with trolls far better than you for years and I'm a nobody.

Comment Re:Nothing wrong with this (Score 1) 248

What idiots do you think are going to pick up on the buggy ass pile of crap you guys produce instead of something actually useful for cross platform development? Who's 'standard' are you using? Inventing your own? Awesome thats what we need more crappy incomplete APIs in an 'open' web.

You'd think at 100 million you could have bad at least a browser that didn't fucking suck more and more every release.

You can't make a browser that doesn't suck, what the fuck makes you think you should develop more crap instead of FIXING YOUR CORE PRODUCT.

For reference: We used to embed gecko for rendering in a cross platform environment. I know a fair amount of the details under the hood as I managed to actually embed it in a functional way, which is amazing considering the garbage heap collection of documents you guys call 'Documentation', most of which just says 'this is out of data and may be inaccurate' which actually means 'we didn't bother to actually determine if this is current or not, we just marked it cause its old'

Much like most others that embedded gecko at one point, we switched to webkit and decided it would be well worth rewriting our UI in native code for each platform than it was to bother with Gecko and its massive dependancies, size and clearly mismanaged direction.

You guys are a joke. You take in a fortune in cash and your production is pathetic by comparison. Your yearly financials show that your an extremely wasteful and horribly run organization. How the hell can you even come in here and speak considering how pathetic Mozilla is acting these days? Are you guys that oblivious to the way everyone else in the world sees you these days?

The userbase that google pays you for, that allows you to exist, is not the OSS zealots who worshipped FF in the beginning, their normal people who won't keep using your product JUST because its open source, they don't care and your numbers reflect it. Good luck enjoying the ride into irrelevance until you get some management and development leadership that has a clue.

Comment Re:Google is an American (Score 2, Interesting) 262

Who decides what's civil? The population and society in general. That's where our laws, ethics, and manners come from. We define it.

We also (we being every older than an angsty teenager mentally probably agree by a large majority that the finger is not really going to be missed.

Your arguing just to argue. That's not productive to anyone.

Comment Re:To avoid antitrust (Score 1) 248

You fail to understand how a company like Samsung works. It is an Asian conglomerate corporation.

The component manufacturing side probably isn't really the same company that sells tablets.

Grandpa started samsung, then little nephew tommy wanted to start a consumer devices business so gradpa funded him a bit, takes a cut off the top, and lets him ride on his existing name.

Okay, so a Korean named Tommy is unlikely, but the point remains.

When you say 'Sony' or 'Honda' or 'Mitsubishi' or 'Samsung' or any of the thousands of other conglomerates you're really not specifying a single company but a group of companies that just don't sue each other over names and probably share board members or other management. They really are entirely different companies however.

Comment Re:To avoid antitrust (Score 1) 248

Irony: Firefox fan supporting XPCOM ... who probably rants about ActiveX.

XUL and XPCOM are both bad knock offs of existing technologies.

The fact that their entire browser and extension system are based on it is due to bad design, not something they want to keep around. These two 'features' are in fact some of Gecko's biggest performance problems, that coupled with the idea that it was smart to write most everything in JavaScript.

Comment Re:To avoid antitrust (Score 0) 248

Mozilla is dual licensed almost everywhere. Tri-licensed for a good portion of thing and I'm not aware of anything inside Gecko itself that is GPL only. Some firefox bits are.

People used to embed Gecko in several proprietary apps. Go look at their list. Plenty of 100% closed source apps on their own pages so you don't even have to bother finding the licenses.

No one can 'take it private'. Of course, thats true with any open source code. You CAN NOT take open source code private ever, unless you invent a time machine maybe. You can not release no code under the existing license, but you can't exactly take it back once you put it out there, so your point here is non-existent. Oh, and one more thing ... its fucking LGPL already for the most part. Your a GPL zealot too stupid to know what uses GPL.

Where you really get stupid is when you start talking about making a GPL fork of Webkit. Great so you have a small camp of GPL zealots using a webkit fork, and the rest of the world sharing in Webkit proper. So while Mozilla will releases weekly builds with new version numbers and still not actually add new features or fix bugs, likely just introducing more to their fork. All because you don't want the potential for someone to make money off of code that you have 0 involvement with and aren't paying a dime to support ... you want to cut off the guys who feed the ridiculously overpaid incompetent Mozilla developers and management using money they provided.

And this last point my friends, is why companies hate GPL and its supporters. You guys are obnoxious to deal with and will do anything you can to stab yourselves in the eye. Why do you think anyone would want to play with you guys, if you can't have it your way you don't want it to exist. You guys apparently didn't socialize enough in school to realize that no one likes to play with that asshole.

Comment You have to be okay with criminals to use GoDaddy (Score 1) 279

in the first place. Pretty much everything they do borders on criminal activity and fucking over people. The only people who use them intelligently are the scammers (which includes squatters) and thats only because they are cheap and common company for each other.

If you host your name with Go Daddy, you pretty much deserve to be treated like shit. Their commercials alone are enough to prove my point.

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