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Comment Re:Similarities with other groups (Score 1) 904

Nursing mothers simply shouldn't get their way. Likewise, nudists and exhibitionists generally don't have a problem with this, most sane people recognize that there is a place for everything, and if Facebook isn't it they create their own. I know this because I've seen the websites, even paid for a few!

If they don't like Facebook policies, there is absolutely 0 preventing them from starting a website like Facebook and doing whatever they want. Except of course laws in various countries that the would have to abide by. Of course, its far easier to bitch, moan, claim prejudice or whatever, and try to force facebook to change rather than putting effort and money into doing it themselves.

Its far easier to bitch and moan to try and change something you don't pay for than it is to actually do some work and spend the money to solve the problem in a sane way.

These people bitching are just jackasses who can't fit into society, if its not the breast feeding issue, they'll be bitching and moaning about something else, this just happens to be the most organized group they've been able to find recently.

Comment Reality Check (Score 0) 904

Its thier website! They can allow/disallow anything they want! You don't HAVE to use them, and there are PLENTY of localities around the world that it IS illegal to breast feed in public so perhaps they just don't want to have problems with those locations.

Really, you have to show your breast feeding to the world? Why? The only people that WANT to see it, don't want to see it because its natural or beautiful, they want to see tits. I highly suspect that most, if not all, of the women who have this overwhelming urge to put pictures of it on the Internet are also slighly voyeristic and want to show thier tits to the world.

If you don't like that they don't allow you to show your tits, don't use their website. This may be hard to believe, but 10 years ago, you didn't have a facebook/myspace/livejournal page. Okay, some of you might have, but the majority of you didn't, so I think you should be able to figure out that you can, in fact, live without posting your tittie shots on the Internet.

If you REALLY want to do it, there are PLENTY of websites that would LOVE to have your tits to show them, they are called porn sites, and there are PLENTY that cater to moms, milfs and nursing so put your pictures where they are welcome and stop thinking everyone else in the world has to confirm to what you want. They don't have to, and if you think they are 'bad' for not allowing it, that pretty much just makes you a spoiled brat.

Finally, as I understand their nudity rules, in order for your picture to get taken down, you would have to show an exposed nipple, which means either you're showing both your breasts or you aren't actually breast feeding since there would be a babies mouth over the breast that is exposed, covering up the very thing that is banned.

Go make a porn if you want to show your tits that bad, hell, I'll probably buy it, but quit with this bullshit if trying to make everyone else in the world do what you want, the entire world really doesn't revolve around you.

Comment Re:Go Green! (Score 1) 695

I'm really sick of this 'go green with a prius' bullshit. The production of a Prius introduces more pollution into the enviroment before its even rolled off the production line than 'gas guzzlers' do during their normal life span. You want to be enviromentally friendly, I'm with you, buying a hybrid isn't doing us any favors at the moment however. Do some research.

Its good to be trendy, and Al Gore invented the Internet while at the same time preparing to prove global warming.

Comment Re:Go with a Honda EcoThrottle model (Score 1) 695

Honda doesn't have the corner on 'goveners' on engines. My lawn more has one. Generators typically need to run at a constant speed to produce the right voltage and frequency (60 hz here in the US) so all of them have it. 'Eco-Throttle' is just a govener, it doesn't adjust speed, it adjusts throttle to maintain a specific speed. In modern generators its typically controlled by solid state electronics so they can be accurate and safe for your electronics, but your old lawn mower will effectively have the same thing using just a little flapper and a spring that governs the speed based on the amount of air flowing off the fly wheel in relation to your throttle setting. The mower isn't nearly as precise, but thats okay cause you just want it to keep your mower running at a sane speed regaurdless of if its in thick grass or no grass.

Next you'll be telling us that 'VTec' is some exciting new technology that Honda has that makes their engines 'special'

Comment Re:My recommendations - Good advice (Score 2, Insightful) 695

Do yourself a huge favor here and hire a licensed electrician to do the work. It'll get done right the first time, the electrical inspector won't get excited (in a negative way) when he sees the work, and the odds of "something going wrong" go way down.

While I don't disagree with ANY of your post, this statement is by far the absolute most important/best comment that will be posted to this thread.

Really, if you're asking slashdot about what you need, thats fine, get input so you can avoid the possiblity of being screwed by the electrician, but for the love of god DO NOT ATTEMPT to do it yourself, you don't know all the rules for your area for sure which can result in hefty fines if your lucky, or potentially the death of your baby and cat ... and the rest of your family. Some of those local rules are probably for the benifit of the electrical union, but the majority of them are for your protection.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about electricity. Its really not nearly as dangerous as its made out to be, however, there are FAR too many things that are not obvious that can really make things unsafe if you don't have the knowledge/wisdom to know about them or understand them. Theres a reason electricians have to be certified, and its a good that they are. The safety of your family is FAR more valuable than any money you are going to save doing it yourself rather than letting someone who knows the deal do it.

Comment Re:The dirty way (Score 1) 695

In most locations you are allowed only ONE grounding point in the house, EVERYTHING must link back to that SINGLE grounding point for various safety reasons. Before you go installing your own grounding rod, you probably want to consult a real electrictian before you end up rendering all the GFI outlets in your house useless as far as protection from other sorts of grounding failures (like those common in appliances).

Multiple grounding locations can be far more dangerous than a single grounding point when they become disconnected from each other.

Comment Re:The dirty way (Score 1) 695

It is perfectly legal for you to supply power to the grid. Its also a requirement that they pay you for any power you supply to the grid. Its illegal for you to supply power that may damage the grid, and there are plenty of local zoning rules to help ensure you have a clue and use the right equipment for the load you intend to service, but I'm unaware of any location in the US that out right bans it. They just want you to not burn down your house, or someone elses house due to your ignorance, which I suspect you would, so you should probably continue thinking its illegal for your neighbors sakes.

Linemen always assume the line is energized. A) Because its far easier to assume its energized than to die by being cooked internally because voltage you weren't expecting. B) Because of all of the various electrical components that are in place between the lineman and the end of the line that have the potential to store electricity, the first thing that comes to mind being AC motor startup capacitors and florecent light ballasts, they just need a complete circuit to dump on, they don't care if its inside or outside your home, or down the street. C) See the very first sentence.

The reason it is illegal is because this form of installation does not prevent you from connecting your generator to the wiring outside your house. If you left the main switch on, you can energize the dead lines outside with 12,000 volts and kill a lineman.

Your 240volt generator is going to product 12kv? Okay, so I know there are step down transforms and such that lower the voltage from the utility to your home to 240 split phase, so yes, you can in theory generate high voltage on the other side of those. Except ... Every other home on your segment is going to instantly drain that voltage to power its own stuff and blow your generators breakers.

I really get annoyed when people talk about electricity based on a Mythbusters or Macgyver episode.

Comment Re:The dirty way (Score 1) 695

1) Far more likely you'll vaporize your generator.

No, far more likely is that the breakers on the generator will throw. Anything large enough to power a house has built in breakers.

2) The "real" reason it's illegal is, as you'll quickly discover, a male to male cable will probably fall out of the dryer plug at some point and then you've got a couple KW at 220 volts on large bare copper connectors less than an inch apart in a pitch dark room on the floor, or perhaps it'll hit something somewhat conductive on its way to the ground and start a huge fire

The risk of electrictution is there, but the chance is relatively slim, unless you happen to reach down and grab the prongs directly, with a good solid grip, while your sweaty (not just wet, water is a shitty conductor by itself) If it hits something that causes it to short on the way down there is again a SLIM chance of fire for the same reason as above, the breakers on the generator will blow instantly so it will have to start a fire on the first contact, having done this with 100amp mains due to my own stupidity on an occasion or too, its not likely. Most things conductive are not also easy to burn.

3) You'll also quickly discover that you can't start up your furnace, water heater, sump pump, TV, and microwave all at the same instant although they may all run steady state. Expect alot of fun when the fridge and sump pump simultaneously start up, especially at 2am. You'll get lots of practice reseting breakers and restarting the generator.

Also true, but if you're buying a generator to stay warm, you've got plenty of 'cold' so you don't really need to run your fridge do you? It doesn't take having to go out in the cold too many times before you realize that you need to cut back on power to avoid blowing the generators breakers.

4) Built in "permanent" generators are generally built to run and refuel 24x7. "Portables" generally are built to run a tankful and get put away till tomorrow. Portables will have some inherent design engineering "issues" such as gas caps next to red hot mufflers. So be really careful whem refilling. Hurry up and you'll turn into a torch. Also your 4 cycle will inevitably run out of oil at some point, hope you're checking the oil and/or the low oil shutoff works before the engine is trashed.

These engines don't burn oil THAT fast, they have rings and are modern engines, they aren't belching white smoke as they burn oil, yes you need to check the oil occasionally, but how many hours does a normal persons cheap lawn mower run between oil checks? I've spent entire summers mowing lawns as a kid and never put oil in engines.

5) Since this is probably one of the most dangerous things you can possibly do, try not to do anything without thinking about each step very pessimistically. Also no booze, no waking up at 2am to refuel while half asleep. The greatest danger is doing something stupid, and being lucky, so you do it again until you croak.

With this I whole heartedly concur. Don't be a twit while your doing anything in life, not just playing with a generator and electricity.

Other than that, no problem.

Correct, other than your paranoid fear of engines and electricity, no problem at all.

Comment Re:Videos will be disabled (Score 1) 379

That would be kind of stupid for them to do, as they will then promptly loose the advertising revenue generated from those Time Warner users visiting their websites.

You can be sure that nice fat banner ad at the top of the page is worth a fortune to them. So they can show it to you one more time before you realize their website is now worthless? I don't think so, that would be truely retarded.

Shit, you're right, I can totally see them doing it now that I think about the other stupid crap network execs do these days. :(

Comment Re:FiOS (Score 3, Interesting) 379

I suggest you consider the amount carefully. You already force us to take channels we don't want just so we can get the few we do want. Now you're going to drop a bunch of channels and the result will be we see practically no billing difference this month, and if it continues you'll just come up with an excuse to raise rates to compensate for the lost next month.

I have no problem with dropping the channels, with the exception of a couple of the nick channels they all otherwise suck, and since I don't have kids at this point, I can deal without the Nick channels. Perhaps you should use that additional bandwidth you'll have around to provide the those of us who you rip off for data services with what you actually claim to sell us rather than saturated upstreams.

And please, don't tell me about how thats not true, I know far too many TWC employees that work in your data centers to buy that bullshit. I know your profit margins are so ridiculous that it would make Cheney feel bad about it.

As I said, consider the amount carefully, as I suspect you'll have lawsuits that follow shortly after the service interruption. We've paid our bill, you don't give us the option to not pay for the channels we don't want, likewise, you don't have the option of not giving us channels you promised to give us.

I also wish you great luck in your digital phone efforts, I pray you get big enough that you actually have to provide a proper SLA to your customers like real phone companies do. Its nice getting to take the money without having to follow the rules isn't it?

Comment Re:Economy is in deep shit, this is a symptom (Score 1) 250

3. People are broke though, this is where you are wrong. People don't have good jobs

I'm not sure what country you live in, but when millions of people enter the country illegally every year because America is about a billion times easier to work in than the shithole country they are coming from, THEN you can talk about America not having good jobs.

American workers are lazy spoiled slobs that think they deserve everything and shouldn't actually have to work to get it, thats someone elses job.

, they don't have any savings left either. Whatever capital they believed they had was in the inflated property values, which are crashing obviously and for a good reason.

The amount of property with inflated values accounts for less than 10% of the property in America, its constrained into rather small regions. Talk to anyone with any age on them and they problably can tell you a story about the 'housing bust of 19XX' in some area of the country, its only marginally higher than it is on average.

Lending institutions are broke because the fed pushed the interest rates down and so getting into debt was cheap. Mortgage sellers gave loans to too many people and to people who cannot pay the money back. So it would seem it's the mortgage sellers problem, but in reality where did these mortgages go? The banks don't hold them anymore, they 'securitize' them, repackage them, sell them, where are these mortgages, can anyone follow? They are now owned by pension funds, mutual funds, (for Canadians those are their RRSPs for example). Is it really the lending institutions that are broke? No, it's pensions.

Bullshit. The lending institutions are broke because SOX made them start doing accounting in a realistic way, which then proceeded to make it obvious that they were WAY over committed to anything that could be considered sane in a fractional reserve system. The smart people immediately started withdrawing their money into hard assets to avoid the RUN these institutions were about to experience, their actions of course caused those runs to start. People who were either realizing the bullshit their money was invested in, or just panicing with the rest of the herd all started to try to protect themselves. End result, lending institutions failed. Pure and simple.

4. You can't take loans anymore, loans will become expensive.

Funny, I just refinianced my home for a 5% fixed rate, I don't even have good credit. I guess reading and signing about 20 sheets of legal documents was a pain in the but, and 5% does kind of suck doesn't it. Oh well, guess I should move to Mexico and experience a truely great economy in action to make it easier. Its a good thing they and many others seems to still think America is the place to be, leaves more room for you and I in their country, I'll see you there ok?

This will cause reduction in purchases obviously,

That happens also when people already own everything they need to purchase with a loan.

but more importantly is not this, it's the very close realization of the rest of the world and USA cannot be trusted to repay the debt. No debt will be repaid. USD will be worth nothing at this point.

In reality, the USD will be worth something for a long time to come. A) because if everyone that owed the use money paid us back, we'd be able to pay back our debt. No one is going to call our debt because most of them owe someone that owes us, and when everyone calls you find out people really owe you a lot less than you think.

That's going to be the problem. With the USD worth nothing, with a huge debt to repay in some other ways, and without those means to repay the debt, nobody will lend money to America anymore. Realize that the money that US is using to purchase goods from the outside world are all borrowed.

Regardless of what you think, America is a part of the global economy, it can not just be 'shut off' by those countries who we owe as doing so would crush their economies as well. Most things we import can be made here if it gets 'that bad'. Sure some things we can't import, but those things aren't really all that important for the most part, with a couple important exceptions. We import most things because its far cheaper to let a little girl in china hand assembly the messy explosive battery for $1.50/month than to have Joe the unionized blue collar push the 'next' button for $42/hour on some machine in Detroit.

Comment Re:pay to park,....... (Score 1) 580

Its likely your grandfather repaired his rake. If you buy even a new rake now, a decent one, not the cheap ass plastic ones, though you can do the same with them, the likely problem is going to be that the handle fails. Either due to defective workmanship, rotting from bad storage, or just wearing it out.

Either way, you probably could have done the same thing your grand father did, which is to just go buy a new handle and repair the broken tool. This is what those people who lived through REAL economic hardship did, its not something that just about anyone under the age of 50 can grasp now days. Very VERY few things have to be replaced with new when they break, todays society and level of prosperity amoung the general public means we don't bother to spend the time to do so, we replace instead of repair.

The end result is higher profits for the large companies, more landfill waste in your community (or China, depending on where yours gets shipped), and less money in your pocket.

Its good that you bring up the rake reference, I was just using one I got from my father in law today to deal with the last bits of leaves. I would estimate its at least 20 years old.

You should have used inkjet printers or ink cartridges, those are designed to be replaced rather than repaired/refilled.

Comment Re:pay to park,....... (Score 1) 580

All of the things you listed can be repaired and its likely that 20 year old TV was repaired during its life time.

Just because its harder to find a repair man these days doesn't mean you can't, nor does it mean that you have to replace your 'broken' items. For most people however, due to the 'bad economy' in which most people are far too lazy and would rather just replace rather than the extra tiny bit of effort required to repair.

And if you didn't get it, the 'bad economy' reference is to the fact that its so bad, that we'd rather by new at full price than repair at half price. Its a shame all the people screaming bad economy haven't actually ever had a really hard time in their life.

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