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Comment I'm 50 (Score 0) 370

I'm 50. I've been working in software development (mostly C++) for 25 years and my salary and bonus are at maximum levels. There are programmers under 30 that have talent but most trowel out shit code. Most know little of or care about design, correctness, etc. There may be age discrimination in some areas. I work in medical devices in MN where it must be less common.

Comment Majority? (Score -1) 646

A 2-1 vote, by unelected bureaucrats no less, decide to strip Daniel Snyder of his rightful property because a chronically underachieving people claim to be offended. Why bother with a vote? Why not just issue an edict from the Whitehouse? Shred the rest of the Constitution while your at it. Obama is gutting this country.

Comment Please take the guns from these people (Score 0) 875

If you saw the comical hunt for the Boston Marathon Bombers last year you would have seen 1000's of fat, pink, Irish 'first responders', all with generous pensions, Massachusetts finest, chase Tsarnaev in full riot gear. All the while the disarmed rabbit citizen population cowered inside their homes. The rent-a-cops still let their quarry outside the perimeter, then, when they had him cornered in a boat, they shot it with 1000's of rounds and somehow missed the target! Will someone please take the guns from these people

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