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Comment Re:cost now (losses) vs cost (funding) (Score 1) 80

Agreed, but what should that mechanism be? My business runs on open-source software. Pretty much everything is behind our reverse proxy, Pound. One of the numerous libraries which Pound relies on is OpenSSL.

To whom do I give money? Debian? The applications I use like Apache and Pound? Do I enumerate all the libraries that all the applications use and give each of those hundreds of projects a few pennies?

Comment Re:Okay, but WHEN (Score 1) 59

No. The linked article doesn't say. I did click on a link to the company's blog from the linked article and found it. Such critical information should have been both in the page that /. linked to and in the /. summary!

tl;dr: This took place AFTER the public disclosure, but not by much: it seems it was April 8th.

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