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Comment part of my toolkit... (Score 1) 319

Yet Another Information Security Professional, working in a sensitive information startup.

Of course, a lot of these have been in use long before the NSA revelations...

A few of my personal tools and our corporate-used tools:

All OSX shop configured with strict firewall, fileVault, and openVPN,

Browser plugins to block ads (adBlock Plus), scripts/flash (NoScript), popups (Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon), trackers (Ghostery), and enforce HTTPS (HTTPS-Everywhere).

GPG Tools for encrypting individual files / emails -

OTR for secure messaging (use Adium which has OTR support off the shelf)

Silent Circle for encrypted voice and text -

Personal VPN for traffic encryption for browsing outside of corporate purposes, e.g. one of these:
note that several offer payment methods that are anonymous, e.g. gift cards purchased with cash, i.e.

Obligitory Schneier:

Comment Really? (Score 5, Insightful) 494

So the *signature* piece of Obama's second term agenda -- the legislation he's harped on loudly and constantly -- launches with an epic fail. The contractors working the site were sounding alarms well in advance of the launch. And yet Obama is somehow utterly unaware that the launch could be anything but a total success? I call bullshit. Either Obama is the most disconnected president in recent history when it comes to the success of his *core legislative agenda* or he's just bullshitting about not knowing there were issues on launch day.

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