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Comment Ask your customers? (Score 1) 325

Ok, you sell a widget. I'm your customer....

First, I care about the money. If you're cheaper than your competition, I'll buy you. If you're not cheaper in the initial term, your widget better last longer. It should be easier to use than your competition too. If not that, you'd better have GREAT support. Actually, you should have that anyway.

Does it matter to me that your stuff is open source? Will I have to code to make your widget work? I really don't want to... I'd rather you did that. I have other things to worry about. I'm making my own widget.

So... do I care if you are open source? You should ask your customers that.... They are the ones that are going to see if you succeed or fail....

Ok... So lets say you DO open source your stuff.... Your competition steals it. Ok.... are they cheaper? Longer lasting? easier to use? Good support?

Note how all those things that I care about having nothing to do with closed or open source. They have to do with the impacts on your customers...

I think you're asking the wrong people...



China Builds 1-Petaflop Homegrown Supercomputer 185

MrSeb writes "Drawing yet another battle line between the incumbent oligarchs of the West and the developing hordes of the East, China has unveiled a new supercomputer that uses entirely-homegrown processors — 8,704 of them, to be exact. The computer is called Sunway BlueLight MPP and it has a peak performance of just over 1 petaflop — or around the 15th fastest supercomputer in the world. Sunway uses the ShenWei SW-3 1600, a 16-core, 64-bit MIPS-compatible (RISC) CPU. The process used to make the chips is not known, but it is likely 65 or 45nm, a few generations behind Intel's latest and greatest. Each of the 139,264 cores runs at 1.1GHz, the entire system has 150TB of memory and 2PB of storage, and of course it's water-cooled. The ShenWei chips are based on the Loongson/Godson architecture, which China — as in, the country itself — probably reverse engineered from a DEC Alpha CPU in 2001 and has been developing ever since. Sunway is significant for two reasons: a) It's very low-power; it consumes just one megawatt, about half of its contemporaries and one seventh of the US's Jaguar — and b) This is China's first significant supercomputer to be built without Intel or AMD processors."

Comment Not Absolutely Useless (Score 1) 272

Actually, this is what I want my government to spend money on. This would be a large investment for a smaller entity, and frankly might not be worth it. For a relatively small amount (government wise), we ALL gain. There is risk. By having the gov. take that risk, we spread it around so it won't hurt any other particular entity. This sounds fine to me. Tony

Comment Do the work before they pay you for it (Score 5, Informative) 283

It sounds like you're on the right path... aerospace with dual major in mechanical.

You have some time though, so I'd suggest you get a hobby in the field you're going into. Help out some open source rocketry projects. Surely they exist. Launch some things up really high. Rig up some cameras and get pictures. Write some code. etc. etc.

One day someone is going to be looking at your resume. If it's one in a thousand, you probably won't get noticed. Hopefully they'll be looking at it because Bob down in the lab says he knows this one guy who really kicked ass on this one project. Hopefully you'll already know the guy through the right circles. Hopefully they'll look you up on the web and see that you have your hand in the right projects, that you do good work, and that you love what you do.

Also, it would be good to actually do the work you're seeking to go into. It'll tell you if you're on the right path for YOU.

The secret to Industry is that you don't get promoted to do work .... You get promoted and paid when it's noticed that you're ALREADY doing the work and oh, perhaps they should pay you for that....

Comment trackball (Score 1) 235

I can't use a mouse for more than an hour before I get problems. Yes, that's my fault... I rest my arm on my desk and move my wrist. Yes, that's bad ergo practice. Frankly, I think it's silly to expect me to hover my arm for more than a few seconds...

Trackballs are just as bad.

I DO recommend a thumb trackball.... you rest your whole arm, and the only part that moves is your thumb. Once I got used to it, my problems disappeared.


Comment my gripes (Score 1) 1799

Congress is bought and paid for. That's my biggest gripe, and I believe that most of the problems with our country today stem from this problem. We have crappy regulation of businesses. Everyone gripes about gov. red tape. OK, i'm down with reducing that. But when some jackhole can get 20 odd miners killed because he couldn't be bothered to vent methane out of the mine... and all the EPA can do is throw stupid little fines that the company ignores... Or when the financial industries can lie about the strengths of investments they are selling, when they can bet against their OWN products... and they get a bailout despite being the asses who caused the problem.... It's time for someone to step in a kick some ass. We can't do it. That's why we collectively get together and have this Government thing. Unfortunately, it's too busy taking money to play cop. I wish the Occupy folks would share this vision and narrow their griping to this one topic, but I'm not worried about it. Folks is pissed, and they're letting everyone know. That's right up there next to apple pie for Americanism. I think it's weird so many in the media are painting this as a Left movement. Everyone's pretty pissed right now. I support the Occupy movement. I can't be there, but I did order them some pizza. :D I do wish they'd get a cohesive message though. Get the money out of politics!

Comment Dear Companies making tablets, (Score 1) 264

I don't want to buy a "product" that I can't tinker with.

I want to put my own version of Linux on it. I want to be able to open it up and put in more RAM, a bigger hard drive, replace the WIFI card, etc...

I hate having to search the internet for custom ROMs. I hate not knowing which dodgy weirdo put together what ROM. I hate having the OS loaded in firmware...

Give me a tablet form factor with an SSD drive and Ubuntu on it. I can actually USE this to do my homework. No, a text app doesn't replace OpenOffice functionality. I want to be able to install my own stuff on it. I want to program on it. I want to ACTUALLY USE the tablet as my MAIN computer. Give me HDMI out and a real USB port... I'll plug in a seperate monitor, mouse, and keyboard when I need to do my homework. I just also want to read on the bus, or in the park, or check a map when I'm in a new place, which the tablet form factor is great for.



Comment I live in Portland (Score 1) 243

I live in Portland and it's a nice city. Yes, it IS the controlling majority for the state. Why? Because a LOT of the people live there? Crazy, I know.... Most of the poeple I work with are actually conservatives though... or libertarians. Lets face it, the MAX is a good thing. I use it a lot, just to avoid parking. Oh, and it goes through Portland, Gresham, Beaverton, and Hillsboro... so... yeah. I don't see many businesses leaving. The city has a great DIY/startup vibe and people WANT to work here, because it's kind of an awesome place. Ok, some of the cyclists do ride a little stupid. Police are fined when the shoot an unarmed suspect, which is frankly how it should be... Ok, and I don't think anyone actually cares about the Mayor, but that was pretty stupid of him. If you hate it so much, why don't you move away? 36 years is a long time to stay somewhere you hate.

Comment Don't forget to write (Score 1) 243 Write him and tell him you appreciate it. Especially since it's not even time for elections yet... :D If you don't live in Oregon, write your rep and tell them that you see something like this and that it actually matters to you... And that you'll remember this come time to vote.

Comment circulating money (Score 1) 1018

"No, they are not "sucking money out of the system". They are CIRCULATING money in the system."

Except that we see the statistics that 10% of our population has 2/3 of the wealth. It's NOT circulating. That's why the middle class is disappearing today.

From Wikipedia....

"In the United States at the end of 2001, 10% of the population owned 71% of the wealth and the top 1% owned 38%. On the other hand, the bottom 40% owned less than 1% of the nation's wealth.[14]""

So, how is that circulating again?


Comment Re:Free market. (Score 1) 276


When you have a very few large companies, who lobby excessively to get their way.... You have no free market. The minute ANY company gets large enough to strangle it's competition in the crib, it does so, by any means it can.

The "Free Market" and "Supply and Demand" are oversimplified models that are taught in Econ101...

Worse is the frankly silly idea that because those companies bribed the government to get their way, the government is at fault. Government is not the problem. It's the only thing standing in the way of a Corpratocracy.

Now, I'll agree that gov. subsidies are silly when we don't get our share. If my tax money paid for lines to be ran across public property, I don't want to hear any noise about how unfair it is to force those companies to open "their" lines.

And then comes the odd idea that there are only two solutions... Total free market no regulation or socialism... Which is silly and again, oversimplified.

I'm getting really sick of conservatives blaming government for what is obviously corporate practices.


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