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Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 240

Two reasons:
1) It's not subsidized by the government via taxes.
2) The US is large and has a low population density, which makes it more expensive to deliver service.

The other thing I've wondered is, what is our cost relative income? We may pay more, but we make more -- but do we normalize based on per capita income?

Comment Re:Don't get the point of the start button (Score 1) 496

Let me preface this by saying: I hate Windows 8. With that said, serious question - what's wrong with the metro screen? I use it just like the start menu, I press the windows key and start typing what I'm looking for. I think of it as a full screen start menu. I've always wondered, from a practical perspective, what the issue was?

Comment Re:Honest question: Why does Metro exist on deskto (Score 1) 496

It's really a simple strategy. Microsoft needed a way into the smartphone/tablet space. So, they push the same interface across all devices. Now slowly everyone will upgrade to Windows 8, either by buying new PCs as their's die, upgrading, using computers at work, etc. Then when they go to buy a phone or tablet, the interface is already familiar.

They basically don't give a shit if it's an inferior interface for the desktop, because they know people won't have a choice as Windows 7 goes EOL they'll be forced to use it.

Comment Re:Disagree (Score 4, Interesting) 633

Kinect was a interesting product that they under-captilized on. Why weren't they able to do with motion tracking what Apple did with touch based interfaces? Build an entire new ecosystem of products and services that never existed before? Meanwhile, Apple was building vertically integrated empires in product categories they created (there was no "tablet market" before apple. There was a spattering of shitty products with zero mass consumer appeal). But if all we can point to as the "success" of Steve Ballmer's microsoft is the Kinect the poor guy did a worse job than I realized.

Comment Re:Sugar (Score 1) 926

Agreed - total calories consumer vs burned (aka Basal Metabolic Rate) dictates the upper or lower bounds of mass (that's basic thermodynamics). How those calories are stored or burned is dictated to a large degree by the ratio of macronutrients (how much are high glycemic carbs vs say, protein).

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