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Submission + - Kim Dotcom loses No. 1 spot in Modern Warfare 3 (

An anonymous reader writes: As well as making millions from MegaUpload, Kim Dotcom is (was?) a serious Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 player. He is known as MEGARACER in-game, and just before 2012 came around, he managed to attain the No. 1 position in the multiplayer rankings after a session that lasted well over 7 hours.

Of course, being arrested means you can’t keep playing the game, and the inevitable has now happened. No. 2 player Arazos has continued playing and improved his stats to the point where he now ranks higher than Dotcom. Azaros’ impressive stats include 181,800 kills, 63,418 deaths, and a points total of 9.09 million. MEGARACER has 180,980 kills, 86,241 deaths, and 9.05 million points.


Submission + - Twitter Acquires Web Anti-Malware Firm (

wiredmikey writes: Twitter has quietly (so far) acquired Dasient Inc., a company that provides a Web Anti-Malware service that helps publishers and advertising networks monitor and remediate site infected with malware and malicious advertising attacks.

Malicious advertising, also referred to as "malvertising," is a growing method used to distribute malware via advertising tags served through an unsuspecting publisher’s web site, blog comments, forums and other forms of user generated content, allowing cybercriminals to create content that used to carry out a wide range of malicious attacks.

In February 2007, Google Ventures invested an undisclosed sum in Dasient.

While the exact plans of how Dasient’s technology will be integrated into Twitter are unclear, it will likely play a role in Twitter’s advertising platform, and could be used to inspect the voluminous number of links that are shared via the service every day, many of which come from spammers and other cybercriminals looking to spread malware.


Submission + - MPAA-Dodd Investigation petition reaches goal (

An anonymous reader writes: The petition on "We the people" website petitioning the administration to investigate Chris Dodd for corruption has reached the required 25,000 votes in two days — now the government has to officially respond to the petition. The petition was covered earlier by slashdot and stemmed from Chris Dodd's statement that tried to portray campaign donations as quid-pro-quos for SOPA/PIPA votes.

Submission + - Mozilla releases Rust 0.1 (

MrSeb writes: "After more than five years in the pipeline, Mozilla Labs and the Rust community have released the first alpha of the Rust programming language compiler. The Rust language emphasizes concurrency and memory safety, and — if everything goes to plan — is ultimately being groomed to replace C++ as Mozilla’s compiled language of choice, with Firefox (or parts of it) eventually being re-written in Rust."

Submission + - The Google+ Name Game Continues

theodp writes: 'Sticks and stones will break my bones,' the old nursery rhyme goes, 'but names will never hurt me.' Unless, of course, you're on Google+. While touting what it calls a move toward a more inclusive naming policy for Google+, the search giant's Name Policy would still make Sister Aloysius Beauvier smile. Names like 'Doctor Stan Livingston,' 'Bill Smithwick DDS,' and 'Rev. Jim Copley, S. P.' are cited as examples of violations that could cost you your Google+ privileges. And since new Google account users are reportedly now forced to join Google+, one wonders if the Name Policy might even preclude one from establishing one of those adorable dear.sophie.lee or dear.hollie accounts.

Comment Re:I have no idea (Score 1) 498

In NY state, you have the option to select particular suppliers for your energy needs, with your local power company taking up the slack (with whatever they use) during low periods. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good.

Since we live near Niagara Falls, it's even better. The Fall don't shut down spontaneously, and turbine redundancy handles regular maintenance.

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