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Comment Avoiding it unfortunately (Score 1) 273

Here in the UK halloween , and specifically Trick or Treat is little more than door to door begging. If you are lucky you might open the door to a hoodie instead of someone wearing a bin liner. No one in the UK bakes cookies or spends time organising the community like in America where the event is done properly. For this reason and not wanting to get my head kicked in by yobs at the front door I will just "be away from home". Camerons Britain - where at halloween local shops displaying signs noting that "eggs and flour will not be sold to persons under the age of 18"

Comment Re:Is Shuttleworth fucking stupid? (Score 2) 414

Noooo ... Apple waits till everyone has failed to do something , and then - learning from everyone elses mistakes does the same thing and claims it was there idea all along.

case in point :

mp3 players - were very much a niche item until iPod came along
smart phones - apple would have you believe they invented them - of course this is not true
tablets - nothing new here

currently - there are several players out there bringing "smart watches" on the market - they will probably fail to garner much interest until apple reveals one under an intoxicating media frenzied event!

So I wouldnt dismiss the Apple mobile / desktop OS convergence just yet.

Comment Re:Overlooking an obvious fact (Score 1) 157

Its an interesting question ... It wouldnt suprise me though if these things are actually a lot safer than human drivers, as i understand it though law dictates e a human driver to be present "babysit" the controls in case anything goes wrong. Im not sure if this has ever happened. If an accident did happen I assume the person babysitting the controls would be responsible in the same way an driving instructor would likely be responsible if a learner driver caused an accident. I think as time goes on the tech from googles cars will creep into consumer cars and when accidents do happen it will usually be down to human error. N.

Comment Re:Overlooking an obvious fact (Score 1) 157

That's possible, but I suspect Google engineers would be able to rig up some sort of wiper system... Sarcasm aside, they'll be able to use far better snow clearing systems than we can now, with spinning lenses,"frikkin laser beams" etc that would be impossible to implement with human drivers. fixed that for you ;)

Comment Re:Truth (Score 1) 157

Yes , I know what you mean. Im almost due for an upgrade on my smartphone (s3) and having looked at whats currently out there nothing excites me. Truth be told i use about 3 different "apps" daily and very occasionally play a game - but only if im very bored i cannot stand touchscreens for gaming.

Im considering just keeping the phone and switching to a sim-only tariff when my contract ends.


Comment Re:Why all of a sudden? (Score 0) 261

It's part of the chess match. Samsung creates pretty much identical,perhaps even better UI based on iOS. Apple looks at what will be hard to copy and determines that deep GPU integration in the core OS just isn't going to work in the permutations of CPUs that Samsung has to support. Apple finds a way to use these features to marginally enhance the OS experience, but in a flashy way that can be sold in TV commercials and just looks cool when people are in a phone store.

Now you're Samsung: do you spend a ton of money/effort trying to clone these effects, or do you first see if you can convince people that they are actually a bad thing? I know what I'd do.

Comment Re:Success (Score 1) 432

True that Apple goes for one big splash a year. But given that Samsung spends more advertising its mobile phones than Apple, Microsoft, HP, Dell, and Coca Cola *combined* spend advertising *all* of their products... and I'm not sure it's fair to say that hype drives Apple's sales more than other companies'.

Comment Re:A few things need to happen first (Score 1) 369

Having recently started using Visual Studio - new position mandated it. (Previously an Eclipse user). I was wondering if i might find out what precisely people like so much about it. Quite frankly I hate it. Perhaps the interface is a bit cleaner - but overall its more like the "Tesco Value IDE" , offering only a basic subset of the functions I've come to rely on in Eclipse.

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