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Comment Re:Why all of a sudden? (Score 0) 261

It's part of the chess match. Samsung creates pretty much identical,perhaps even better UI based on iOS. Apple looks at what will be hard to copy and determines that deep GPU integration in the core OS just isn't going to work in the permutations of CPUs that Samsung has to support. Apple finds a way to use these features to marginally enhance the OS experience, but in a flashy way that can be sold in TV commercials and just looks cool when people are in a phone store.

Now you're Samsung: do you spend a ton of money/effort trying to clone these effects, or do you first see if you can convince people that they are actually a bad thing? I know what I'd do.

Comment Re:Success (Score 1) 432

True that Apple goes for one big splash a year. But given that Samsung spends more advertising its mobile phones than Apple, Microsoft, HP, Dell, and Coca Cola *combined* spend advertising *all* of their products... and I'm not sure it's fair to say that hype drives Apple's sales more than other companies'.

Comment Re:A few things need to happen first (Score 1) 369

Having recently started using Visual Studio - new position mandated it. (Previously an Eclipse user). I was wondering if i might find out what precisely people like so much about it. Quite frankly I hate it. Perhaps the interface is a bit cleaner - but overall its more like the "Tesco Value IDE" , offering only a basic subset of the functions I've come to rely on in Eclipse.

Comment Re:Annoying (Score 1) 333

All these cars will religiously follow the speed limit, boxing up roads and not permitting those of us who are in a rush to get around them. The road rage will cause accidents, I guarantee that.

These accidents will likely be mostly minor fender-benders that result in the road-ragers losing their licenses (unless, of course, they get a self-driving car.) Or, That, and you'd also probably see road-ragers driving themselves off the road and into fixed objects. The automatic cars'll generally do a pretty good job of avoiding serious collisions--far better than even a reasonably skillled human driver could.

If a person is so lacking in maturity and self-control that they'd start ramming automated cars for not letting them treat the road as their own personal speedway, it's highly unlikely that these individuals are able to conduct themselves in a mature manner in today's traffic. We're not looking at a substantial net-up of people who have no business driving a car, y'know?

Comment possible solutions? (Score 2) 122

There are a variety of solutions to these problems.using alternative DNS is one but this does not work in the case that IP addresses are blocked. Proxies may also work but in the end these are reliant on no blocks existing on the proxies network .Even then how long before proxies are blocked ?TOR seems like a good idea but in reality its a bit slow and thus you couldn't just route all your traffic through it. What is the long term solution to this?

Does anyone have any long term predictions or ideas about how we might work around this in a way that performs well and is more future proof?

FYI. EZTV is also blocked with BT infinity. And my VM at Bytemark cannot access either

my fear is that what happens when Microsoft or apple start putting pressure on the government to block things like cyanogen or the Linux kernel?

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