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Comment Re:Change Management (Score 2) 221

I don't believe this answer will be well received on /. because it is usually practiced by project managers, and /. doesn't believe in project management.

Slashdot most decidedly believes in project management. In fact, The Slashdot Consensus very fervently believes that project management is too important to be entrusted to project managers; like marketing, sales, management, and pretty much every other non-technical facet of business, project management is doomed to fail unless the technical people are doing it.

We'll call it "Slashdot's Rule of Business": No matter what the task, the only people to which it can be reasonably entrusted are the computer geeks.

Comment Re:Moderator is drunk again (Score 1) 117

"A freshly mowed lawn, lit charcoal and sunscreen are just a few summer smells that are as ephemeral as they are memorable." Alternatively go outside , mow the lawn ,then start a BBQ and slap on some sunscreen - i suspect that will be cheaper and more readily available. These smells hardly require complex analysis in order to recreate them . We can do that just fine. It would perhaps be more useful if this device could be put to use for example to capture the smells of fruits, or flowers that are rare or on the brink of extinction.This would perhaps be good to draw attention to some of the issues surrounding looking after out planet. And also that our childrens children could learn and enjoy the odours of our forefathers.

Comment Re:It goes both ways (Score 2) 432

IMO (and I'm older so may be biased) I want older programmers. I was talking to a young guy where I work and he had his own ORM that generated code. "Why don't you use entity framework or nHibernate". "Because I wanted to build one".

And that's a young programmer's attitude, and to some extent, in the days of mainframes, building cool stuff in a company was a good thing because you had no other option. But in the days when you can just download something open source that someone has built, and wire it in and test it or maybe buy something for £100, it makes no sense. We know about things like technical debt, that young guys don't, that you want to write as little code as you can to solve the problem.

Comment Re:Geotarding? (Score 1) 153

Android is one thing - Glasses is another. Talking about the latter (Glasses) - Apple will do what they always do - wait until several similar concepts from different sources have tried and failed. produce something very similar and claim they invented the idea to great critical acclaim. N.

Comment Re:Windows problems (Score 1) 1215

Can someone please explain this to me as I've heard it a few times recently. What the heck is exactly wrong with the font rendering on linux ? I've never noticed anything particularly wrong myself. Perhaps back in the very early days I can vaguely remember issues - but its not something thats been obvious to me since any recent memory? Some one said this at work to me the other day and my immediate thought was "I havent heard that one for a very long time , it must have been a while since he last tried linux" Is this something related to specific areas or certain software packages ? In general use i see no major difference .

Comment Re:Thanks unity!! (Score 1) 115

To this day I've never seen a unity app running on linux. I heard there is a linux "web player" - i've never seen it in action nor is there hair nor hide of it on the website. The developement tools are OSX and Windows only. Unity supports linux about as well as adobe flash as far as i am concerned. N.

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