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Comment Of Course Battery Life Will Be Short (Score 2) 473

...of course battery life on these is going to be low; they're designed to attach to one side of your glasses! Even if they had the space to put more battery in, they wouldn't, because then you'd have a device that was always pulling your glasses down one side of your face, to say nothing of the extra weight on your nose and ear.

Batteries are heavy. If you create a face-mounted computer, you're going to want to make it as light as humanly possible. This should not come as anything remotely close to a surprise or shock to geeks.

Comment Re:I'll miss the old school special effects (Score 1) 213

Its also too cheesy - whats all that crap with the new assistant and souffle ? Rory was the equivalent of Jar Jar binks. Stuff like that spoils it too.
I too prefer the original series but it wasnt all marvelous - there are a few stories that drag on. I've been watching Dr Who from the very beginning and after William Hartnell's (The original doctor) dreadful acting and some truely ludicrous storylines - i am amazed the show succeeded the way it has. IMHO the show peaked around the Tom Baker , Peter Davison years (for many of the reasons in the parent post) and basically went downhill after that . Remember Liquorice Allsort man , Bonnie Langford - In retrtospect Sylvester McCoy might not have been a bad choice but he didnt have the backup he deserved. Its as if they were deliberately trying to kill the show! Zip into the future - The new series has had its fair share of lame stories and cheesy adversaries - Its too early to say if David Tennant was where the show peaked but for now he has my vote! Overall I think the show needs to go back to its roots, BBC Quarry and all!


Comment Re:Foam earplugs + good ear muffs (Score 1) 561

How did you get your APD diagnosed? I live in the UK and the standard NHS hearing test of varying tones at different volumes showed that i have normal hearing.
However - i constantly find myself mishearing words or combinations of words (usually as ludicrous combination that makes not sense). Is there a fix for this or is it just a case of learning to cope?

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