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Comment Of Course Battery Life Will Be Short (Score 2) 473

...of course battery life on these is going to be low; they're designed to attach to one side of your glasses! Even if they had the space to put more battery in, they wouldn't, because then you'd have a device that was always pulling your glasses down one side of your face, to say nothing of the extra weight on your nose and ear.

Batteries are heavy. If you create a face-mounted computer, you're going to want to make it as light as humanly possible. This should not come as anything remotely close to a surprise or shock to geeks.

Comment Re:I'll miss the old school special effects (Score 1) 213

Its also too cheesy - whats all that crap with the new assistant and souffle ? Rory was the equivalent of Jar Jar binks. Stuff like that spoils it too.
I too prefer the original series but it wasnt all marvelous - there are a few stories that drag on. I've been watching Dr Who from the very beginning and after William Hartnell's (The original doctor) dreadful acting and some truely ludicrous storylines - i am amazed the show succeeded the way it has. IMHO the show peaked around the Tom Baker , Peter Davison years (for many of the reasons in the parent post) and basically went downhill after that . Remember Liquorice Allsort man , Bonnie Langford - In retrtospect Sylvester McCoy might not have been a bad choice but he didnt have the backup he deserved. Its as if they were deliberately trying to kill the show! Zip into the future - The new series has had its fair share of lame stories and cheesy adversaries - Its too early to say if David Tennant was where the show peaked but for now he has my vote! Overall I think the show needs to go back to its roots, BBC Quarry and all!


Comment Re:Foam earplugs + good ear muffs (Score 1) 561

How did you get your APD diagnosed? I live in the UK and the standard NHS hearing test of varying tones at different volumes showed that i have normal hearing.
However - i constantly find myself mishearing words or combinations of words (usually as ludicrous combination that makes not sense). Is there a fix for this or is it just a case of learning to cope?

Comment Re:But what should "just work"? (Score 1) 965

My MidiSport X2 midi interface - just plugs into my ubuntu Box and "Just Works"(tm) . OSX wont recognise it , there are no drivers for Mountain Lion nor are there likely to be - even though there are clearly open source ones out there that work just fine on Linux.

My Keyboard and mouse (non apple variety) keymaps are all wrong, there are no drivers for OSX, various hacks and 3rd party programs have not got the keymap right at all various characters like backslash and tilda (things i use A lot) are in the wrong place. even a mac guru friend of mine could not get them to work.

cant write to NTFS external USB drives by default on OSX third party fix for this is hacky and buggy. iTunes wipes my iPod as the tunes i had on there i ripped on Linux and copied to the iPod from rhythmbox.

The one thing that amazed me about OSX is that you still need to install drivers for things - i thought (mistakenly) that it would be like Linux in this regard - most things work without the need to install extra drivers. I get told "Your not doing it right" WTF?

I bought a mac in october last year I was expecting the world and maybe even to the point where it might become my main OS but in all honesty Im really dissappointed with it. So it sits there - occasionally i fire it up to test a website.

For me the "Just Works" trophy goes to ubuntu and not OSX.

Comment Re:I use both...and am looking for a better option (Score 1) 965

What on earth do you mean by (when referring to Linux) . "It requires too much overhead to install software" ? Im inclined to think its been a long way since you tried using linux or you have been using some old / obscure distro. cus for the most part (and im referring mainly to debian based distributions here). There is no operating system that i have seen that has a package management system that comes anywhere close to what we have on linux. I honestly cannot remember last time i encountered dependency issues (back in the early noughties sometime maybe?). You can groan about anything you like regarding linux but the one thing that really shines out there is package management.

disclaimer : Other people have preferences such as RPM (which i hate), BSD's ports system , gentoo's portage etc. - I speak generally about debian / apt-get as its a long time since i used others as described above - i Imagine they are all pretty mature nowadays.

Comment DRM complaints ? (Score 1) 232

I really dont see the problem with DRM when it comes to Netflix. For £5.00 per month I get a much better selection of Movies and TV shows than I could even consider getting from a satellite / cable subscription costing much more. There are no limits as to how many times i can watch stuff - and while i cant download the shows / movies for keeps I dont need to so long as i have an internet connection. In prinicple I dont agree with DRM - but in the case of Netflix it is well worth the money DRM or No DRM and so damn convenient.

When I consider the cost of a Netflix subscription it doesnt bother me that i dont own the content.

Comment It Just Works! Not for me! (Score 2) 815

After having recently purchased a Mac Mini i have had a number of problems with things not working as i would expect.
Simple things like .

Using a non Apple keyboard - unlike the keyboard selection widget in Ubuntu which "Just Works(tm)" (press a couple keys and voila). Even a Mac guru friend could not get OSX to use the correct keyboard layout. Even with various 3rd party tools and hacks still certain keys on the keyboard are in the wrong places. such as backslash and tilda.

The responses i get are "your not doing it right" - considering the Mac Mini was originally punted in such a way that you can use your own keyboard and mouse - it should "Just Work(tm)" - it doesnt.

File system support - certain filesystems on external USB drives cannot be written to by default - I've had to use third party - buggy drivers to enable this again - this is an area where I would expect OSX to "Just Work(tm)" it doesnt very well in this case.

iTunes - first time i plugged my iPod into the new mac into a virgin iTunes - it wiped all my tunes when it was supposed to be sync'ing up. No explanation why.

In the mac Terminal app the page up / page down / home keys were next to pointless - i had to hack a fix in place for this.

Using the mac ports system sort of feels dirty but i really miss "apt-get install packagename" - many software packages are not compatible with Mountain Lion which has led to frustration when trying to get things to work.

Lastly hardware support is really crap - eg: i have a USB midi interface that "Just Works(tm)" on ubuntu. I understand you need to install drivers on OSX (this was a surprise to me given that i was led to believe OSX "Just Works(TM)" of course the driver is not compatible with Mountain Lion.

So Macs are shiny and all - but if you want to go outside of the box "Just Works" does not apply - not for me anyhows!


Comment Re:A couple observations (Score 1) 325

Urm in respect to point 2

Google are well known for their amazing work places. Putting opinions aside there isnt a tech company in the world that i wouldn't rather have the privilege of working for ...

even the food / chefs are legendary - heck i was gobsmacked at the buffet they put on at a tech / networking event they put on in London a few years ago.

N ...

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