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Comment Re:Where's the applications? (Score 1) 271

As soon as you said "kenetic energy" it all clicked. The temperature is in effect unlimited by the very nature of E=mc^2. The temperature being a measure of E must be infinite for the particle speed to reach c. Balanced by the fact that the relative mass would also be infinite at c. Nice... Thank you - unless I've got it wrong, then please correct. But it seems pretty simple now.

Comment Re:Where's the applications? (Score 1) 271

Since it sounds like you might have an answer, I've had this question for a long time. If a particles heat can be represented by it's entrophic motion, and since motion is limited by the speed of light, is there an absolute maximum temperature for a particle? Can a particle use uncertanty to violate this limit? Sorry for the off-topic post, but I've never had a better oportunity to ask this question and expect an intelligent answer.

Comment Re:Size vs Age (Score 1) 277

Perhaps you can answer a question for me. If I understand the concept correctly (and stop me where I go wrong), the event horizon can be defined as the point where any light that were to be ejected (I know, I know not possible) from the singularity perpendicular to the tangent (straight "up") would stop and return. With some simple evaluation, this means that the frequency of any light at the event horizon would be infinite to the "inside?" observer. A similar effect is observed on the "outside" going in whereas the light at the event horizon falling straight in has an infinite frequency to the outside observer. Given the relativistic time stretching effects that this implies, as I understand it, anybody falling in would experience "the end of the universe" as time around him speeds up infinitely. My question is, assuming that I am not simply mistaken about the relativistic effects of the event horizon, is; what happens to that item falling into the black hole when the black hole evaporates? What doest that item experience? Does the universe speed around it up until the black hole evaporates whereby it is released back into the universe? Does the item evaporate with the black hole? Is the item converted into radiation before it gets to the horizon and thus released over time before the black hole evaporates?

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