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Comment Opt in to send in pre-programmed times (Score 1) 331

If the end user has programmed their charging to begin at 2am every night, maybe the power company can offer a slight incentive to have people opt in to send their schedules in advance.

This way the utility will know in advance that a ramp up in demand will occur at 2am and in turn schedule their equipment to start up in time.

Not everyone may elect to send in their schedules, but enough may be motivated by the incentives to be able to indicate a general trend which can be extrapolated to the whole user base.

It seems like it would be a reasonable feature for the power meters to incorporate.

Comment Re:I've seen something like that recently... (Score 1) 295

Think game client and server model. The OSS game The Mana World lets you play with older clients. Some of the newer functionality in the latest clients will be unavailable to those using older or forked clients, but the communication protocol still allows game play. I don't think it would be as big a deal unless there was a major change in the messaging format.

Comment I've been using one for the last year (Score 2, Informative) 211

I initially bought one of these as a joke.

At first I hated it, but it really grew on me. Having an unlocked iPhone form-factor phone, that I can transfer anything I want to it, pictures, music, movies, all over usb, is really nice. I took it traveling and really liked having two batteries, especially after I started reading books on it. Say what you want about the new eBook readers, but I love having a backlit screen that can fit in my pocket, fit hundreds of books on microSD cards, and has a backup battery. I could read clearly at night in bed or waiting for the subway in poorly lit areas.

It's really funny to watch an iPhone user try to use my phone, because even though it looks nearly the same, the screen handles way differently, needing more of a tap than a slide.

I wouldn't buy one of these for running apps on, I would just use it for an eBook reader and phone. That's all I wanted out of it and it exceeded my initial expectations.

This is the one I have:

If all you want is a unlocked phone and eBook reader with awesome battery life, give it a try. But the article is right that it can't compare to an iPhone. The user interface sucks compared to Apple's product, especially when you move into the submenus.

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