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Comment Informative sentence (Score 1) 128

Speaking to Thinq, BT's Les King said that we're looking at 1.5Mb/sec for standard definition gaming, and 5Mb/sec for full 1080p HD resolution gaming. This will effectively rule out the use of the HD service in areas of the country that can only get a 2Mb/sec connection.

Errrr...2 is indeed strictly less than 5!

Comment Re:What part of "use a proxy" can't he understand? (Score 1) 577

Fill in the blanks.

Quite right too! The burden of understanding, interpretation and clarity of fact is on the reader, definitely not the person who writes the post.

In fact, most Slashdot posts adhere to this rule: say anything and leave it up to the reader to make sense of it!

Comment Re:But it's not crazy (Score 2, Insightful) 226

I think it's more likely that these people speak better, more grammatically correct English than the average Brit or American.

Since when has the average person spoken grammatically correct British/American English? What about slang, regional vocabulary, accents?

I think it'd be hard for a native speaker to translate in a lot of cases e.g. north/south in the UK.

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