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Comment Pull...... (Score 1) 379

40 lb pull tab.... sounds like a good idea, out of the way so it doesn't get kicked or pulled inadvertently; but I suspect the earlier design (a knob you turn) might have been better, 40 lbs is a simple amount of weight to pull under duress, might even be simple to pull after holding my breath for 60 seconds (and if you can't hold your breath for 60 seconds STFU) but in a plane traveling at a high rate of speed potentially pulling G's ?? I've only pulled a couple of G's in aerobatic training (prop plane, T34) but if the level of effort increased in multiples 40 lbs becomes a crazy amount of effort *AFTER* you have been without good air for over a minute. The only error this pilot made was placing his trust in those that deemed this plane safe to operate. If they can't monitor pulseox, they should auto eject, ejection at high speed is nearly fatal but not so nearly fatal as plowing in.

Comment Having been 'searched' recently... (Score 1) 699

Traveling with family out of country I noticed 2 things.

1. families tend to be 'guided' towards the full body scanners...
2. twice going through I got 'no resolution' yelled out when I was scanned.

twice I had my balls lifted too and fro, they didn't find a bomb, in fact being modest, I doubt I could hide much down there.

even when it goes well its not pleasant, when it doesn't go well I can only imagine, without suspicion we have gone entirely too far
in the interest of 'safety' and though he is dead I can hear George Carlin laughing on this one.

Comment If... (Score 1) 129

businesses are allowed to do business in Tunisia, isn't this just a piece of anti-microsoft fud? We (the USA) trained Afghani's to fight the Soviets, it worked pretty good until the tactics were used on US (USA). It's not the training that is the issue, its the application; just say what you want to say and be done with it;

You think Microsoft training is evil.


Comment Amusing... (Score 1) 1014

I find it somewhat amusing that they would choose to invalidate the snake, apple, adam and eve bit because it couldn't happen in the 5-6k range without crazy 5 assed monkey mutations.... it would be simpler to throw out the 5-6 thousand year old universe bit, which is even more difficult to ignore....

but this is all hypothetical and likely to be called heresy by those who give lip service to the flying spaghetti monster :)

Comment How.... (Score 2) 338

I pay my ISP for a connection to the internet; essentially I will be paying for this 'service' to the RIAA and the MPAA, this is not what I consider customer service, I predict this will increase the use of encryption, which will in turn spawn legislation that deems secure encryption illegal. Pretty soon they will want 'virus and copyright compliance software' installed on all systems non-supported operating systems will not be allowed on public networks, etc... tin-foil hat folks don't have to be wrong, they just have to wait long enough to see their 'crazy' views realized.

Comment Fool proof way to hack nearly any system. (Score 5, Interesting) 389

hey, this is a web page claiming that your infected, click ok!!
umm, you clicked cancel, you really want to click ok, ok??
you know, it doesn't matter which button you push, both result
in the continuation of this racter like discussion.

wow, you clicked ok, wait while I install some software to 'help' you.
oh, while installing I noticed that I will need your password to continue....

wow, you gave me your password, can you google pwn3d ?

works on PC, works on Mac, likely works on every other modern OS.

this isn't an exploit via bug, its an exploit via user, if you drop your pants in front of a glory hole......
that said Apple isn't really helping by avoiding the topic.

Comment Re:Electronic Counter Measures.... (Score 1) 259

The batteries will almost always be the largest part of this, even if the tech gets smaller most devices have limited run time without large batteries; your argument is valid though, an iphone turned on and capture tower/GPS data might be enough to find you. Either way, my point is to make this as public and expensive as possible, 24/7 monitoring should be reserved for folks that are already under a criminal investigation, people that *might* be criminals should not be monitored in this fashion. either way I suspect this will still look somewhat like a foreign device attached to my car. think of it as a gift, much like the flyer placed on your windshield and treat it as such. might be fun to attach a wifi cam and catch them 'servicing' this device.....

Comment Electronic Counter Measures.... (Score 3, Insightful) 259

So would it be ok to place a GPS tracker on every police car you find, I bet not and while betting I bet that if you were caught trying to put such a thing on a police car you would get shot.

My advise on this is quite simple, if you find a little black box, an antenna and a battery pack on the underside of your car, call the local police and tell them you found exactly what you found under your car, a bundle with wires coming out of it (the battery pack) a black box attached to it (the GPS receiver) and an antenna and your afraid to touch it. Make certain your insurance is paid up.

Call the local news as well, its a bomb threat for certain but this is an economics game, they can't afford to follow everyone with agents so its cheaper to track everyone of interest and sort it out later, make this cost them as much as possible, PR spin isn't cheap, nor is replacing GPS devices that keep 'falling' off the car (rip the wires, leave parts of it on the car) at some point it becomes cheaper to either follow you with Agents, or stop following you.

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