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Comment no new dance steps.... (Score 5, Interesting) 379

Wow, to preserve current business models all new thoughts should be reviewed..... yep, clearly representing the people,er, businesses on this one, innovative ideas need not apply, I try not to fan boi this much but imagine if iTunes online music sales had to clear congress first? I imagine those that lobby would have had a lot of fun with that one, clearing congress is a lot harder than convincing one label to sell online, this doesn't protect anyone other than those currently milking the masses..... Please, show this man the door, he has clearly lost his way.

Comment What should the outcome be? (Score 1) 152

I am not certain there will be much recourse for rojadirecta; ideally the outcome of this should be that the burden of proof to allow seizure be raised, unfortunately I doubt anyone of note cares as these sites were ran by 'damned foreigners'.

The more I watch this side show the more I think imperialism lives on, except the borders are all virtual.

Comment This reminds me... (Score 3, Interesting) 96

of the acoustic effects on disk arrays (and a Dtrace video that showed shouting having a detrimental effect on drive efficiency).

wouldn't a pressurized vessel (cooker) have the same end result (in that vapor layer formation is prevented or retarded?)
or as someone else mentioned, using microwaves to boil/heat faster?
is the 17% efficiency gain taking into account the energy needed to blast the liquid with Eminem?

the 'article' looks like a fluff piece and the comments say much the same, nothing to see here move along.

Comment Re:Not anymore (see NDAA) (Score 2) 582

I fear its worse than " you'll see more and more of people in jail "

with no paper trail the only people who will know are those 'detained' and those who notice them gone (complain loudly enough and you'll get to see them, come right this way....) NDAA and Patriot (security letters) are going to streamline justice in a way that most will regret, the only safe spot (if there is such a thing) might be a seat in the house or congress..... for some reason the laws passed don't seem to apply there.

Comment Pull...... (Score 1) 379

40 lb pull tab.... sounds like a good idea, out of the way so it doesn't get kicked or pulled inadvertently; but I suspect the earlier design (a knob you turn) might have been better, 40 lbs is a simple amount of weight to pull under duress, might even be simple to pull after holding my breath for 60 seconds (and if you can't hold your breath for 60 seconds STFU) but in a plane traveling at a high rate of speed potentially pulling G's ?? I've only pulled a couple of G's in aerobatic training (prop plane, T34) but if the level of effort increased in multiples 40 lbs becomes a crazy amount of effort *AFTER* you have been without good air for over a minute. The only error this pilot made was placing his trust in those that deemed this plane safe to operate. If they can't monitor pulseox, they should auto eject, ejection at high speed is nearly fatal but not so nearly fatal as plowing in.

Comment Having been 'searched' recently... (Score 1) 699

Traveling with family out of country I noticed 2 things.

1. families tend to be 'guided' towards the full body scanners...
2. twice going through I got 'no resolution' yelled out when I was scanned.

twice I had my balls lifted too and fro, they didn't find a bomb, in fact being modest, I doubt I could hide much down there.

even when it goes well its not pleasant, when it doesn't go well I can only imagine, without suspicion we have gone entirely too far
in the interest of 'safety' and though he is dead I can hear George Carlin laughing on this one.

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