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Comment Re:BASIC (Score 2) 709

OO has, time and time again, led to more bloat and more confusion due to so much abstraction rather than direct commands. Want to reuse code, here's a thought, use copy/paste. Having to find objects and then discover their methods is a waste of time, a rich api with built-in ready to run statements and functions that only require simple plug-in values is the way to go.

Oh that's right. Copying and pasting is FAR more efficient. Cause when you find a bug in the original code, there's nothing easier than locating all the spots where you copied and pasted that code to make similar modifications.

Comment Re:Larry Ellison Doesn't BS (Score 1) 133

For example, a DBA should keep up with how much diskspace each database is taking. Warnings will show up on an Oracle DB when it reaches the limit. MS SQL just allows the DB to grow automatically. That seems more management friendly until the entire disk fills up (with no warning). Then it's more complicated to solve.

You're doing it wrong.

MS Support isn't great. From my experience (and your mileage may vary), though we had Enterprise Support, they were often slow to respond. It would sometimes take a week for them to acknowledge that they received and understood our problems. And often they offered no real solution. For example, one night the SQL Server went down for no reason. The server didn't go down, but the SQL server stopped responding until we rebooted the whole server. When I left I don't think they ever figured out why it would randomly shut down.

Really? We logged a ticket with Oracle about a problem with their 10g OLEDB components, where it was giving the wrong DefinedSize for NCHARs. Initially they said it wasn't a problem, but 18 months later when my manager escalated the issue (on their advise!) they finally admitted they had an issue. Sadly, we were told that they couldn't implement the fix in 10g because it was outside of their fix lifecycle. But remember: we reported the issue 18 months ago, when 11g had only been on the market for a short time.

I've seen nothing but bad support from Oracle, and I'm not the only one. Oracle support sucks balls. MS Support, on the other hand, has been nothing but excellent for us when we have issues with SQL Server.

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