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Comment Re:Hit and runs are NEVER "accidents". (Score 1) 413

You bring up a good point. NYC is replacing the word "accident" with "collision" because "In the past, the term 'accident' has sometimes given the inaccurate impression or connotation that there is no fault or liability associated with a specific event."

We should all think twice before using the word "accident." Because driver negligence is the number one cause of crashes, more often than not the word "accident" when used in the context of automobile collisions is imprecise at best, and deceptive at worst. And isn't it just easier to say "crash"?

Comment Re:I know the government loves to lie to us... (Score 1) 490

You talk as if the government is some kind of external entity with which you have no connection. The government is (supposed to be) society's instrument. It can only deprive you of money or freedom based on the rules which society has agreed. If you don't want to live in society then yes, you have to leave, but you are a part of it and have some influence over it.

You are going with the assumption that govt is LISTENING to the public....from past few years, I'm convinced we the people have little to nothing to do with their decisions and lawmaking. For instance polls showing the majority of the US not wanting what we got for obamacare in the form it was passed...were 100% ignored. It seems to be that way for so many issues, not just healthcare.

Unless you have corp. level money and influence, you do not get a voice in our country any longer. I firmly believe that 100%.

I'm not the only one thinking this way.

Comment Re:I know the government loves to lie to us... (Score 2) 490

What is wrong with everyone quitting?

I used to smoke, don't care if you do, but ideally everyone would quit. It is a nasty habit and a shitty way to consume nicotine.

Nothing..I recently quit myself...and it helps me keep off them if not around smokers and smoking.

However, I don't feel it is the place of the govt. to tell me or direct me or try to influence my decision what legal, adult activities I wish to participate in.

I agree, horrible habit. Everyone should try to quit, but only if THEY want to, not because a govt. entity mandates it or tries to use its power to take away your $$ or freedom (which they may do if you don't pay your medical fines/taxes) to mold your behavior.

Comment Re:I know the government loves to lie to us... (Score 2) 490

Smoking also causes illness in other people that things like, say being overweight, don't.

Not unless you hang out in close proximity to smokers. No one holds a gun to your head to patronize a bar that allows smoking...freedom of choice and all.

And really..the tax/penalty isn't against second hand is on the individual doing the unhealthy action, so this argument really isn't a valid know?

Comment Re:I remember being puzzled by that chapter (Score 1) 423

I remember one time driving through the Indian part of town in the UK with my American girlfriend and saying something about how they drive like they're still in Bombay as a car on the wrong side of the road barely missed us. Any local would have agreed since it was completely true, but she was absolutely shocked by my EVIL RACISM.

Interesting...what part of the US was she from?

I find different parts of the country will tolerate different levels of that type speech against different ethnicities, etc...with different levels of offense.

When not around said groups of people, I often hear the terms spic, chink, nigger, wop, (insert non-PC racial/ethnic/sexist term here) in the course of conversation and jokes, and no one gets upset or offended at it.

In different parts of the country, some of those will raise the ire of some not in those groups, but more often than not, publicly everyone is agast at such language, but in private, I find most people aren't that offended and regularly use such language in a very natural manner.

Comment Re:I remember being puzzled by that chapter (Score 1) 423

Then perhaps before someone can be a pilot, during the examinations we need to screen to see if the person in question would defer to hierarchy over saving multiple lives.

If you don't choose the lives of your passengers, then you are immediately disqualified from being a pilot, regardless of race or gender.

That this should be a qualifying attribute should be a no-brainer.

Comment Re:I remember being puzzled by that chapter (Score 1) 423

That's because you are racist.

I think that's ONLY if he is also a White Guy saying that.

He only said he was American, so we can't be sure if he is racist in saying that unless we can also verify HIS race and sex as being the appropriate one to be called a racist.

Let us not jump to premature conclusions!!

Comment Re:I know the government loves to lie to us... (Score 1, Interesting) 490

This isn't unique to the government. When I was at my previous fortune-100 employer, they penalized smokers as well (actually what they did was raise the rates for everyone, but gave non-smokers a "discount"). It's not that uncommon. Additionally some places will hand out "fitness incentives" (i.e. penalize overweight people).

But there is a huge difference between a private company's policy on this (I dislike those too, but they have that right). When a company does this, you are free to leave and find a less onerous place to work.

When the govt does this, it COSTS you money, all with full force of the govt behind one. An entity that can deprive you of your money, your freedom and in some cases your life.

You can't change that shy of leaving your own country which is something wrong.

I'm about to start thumbing through my US constitution, can someone give me a head start by suggesting where I read in the constitution about the federal govt being empowered to mold its citizens behavior through forced fines and taxes? I could swear I've never seen it there before, but I might have overlooked it.....

Comment Re:I know the government loves to lie to us... (Score 4, Insightful) 490

Hmm...what stands out to me, that I didn't know was, that the obamacare laws specifically target one bad health activity for extra $$$?

I'd not heard about the new smoking thing, forcing smokers to pay an extra penalty.

Why was smoking specifically targeted? Hell, with the ongoing climb in obesity, the increasing incidents of type II diabetes and related complications will soon FAR outweigh problems we have with smokers.

Are we going to penalize (by monetary means) those that have the wrong BMI (not a good scale I know, since it looks really bad for those that are super fit)?

Are we going to tie the IRS and healthcare into the grocery store customer tracking system to see you're buying fattening, high calorie low nutrient foods?

Will they trace how much booze, beer and wine you buy at the grocery store (or wherever you buy it in your state)?

Where do we stop having the govt STOP trying to tell you how to live, and fining you for your CHOICE in lifestyle?

I guess maybe it is easy to pick on the smokers first, but seriously, what about when they start also charging for more common behaviors that are really driving up health costs for the future? How will that go over?

Is this really something the government should be doing at all? Doesn't sound like freedom to me, if the govt is trying to drive human behavior with govt. enforced sanctions.

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