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Comment Re:follow the money (Score 1) 334

There has got to be some reason that this DB that ive never even heard of (and i work with DBs, its not my main point of work but I know my way around DBs) got the gig over the more established players.

  or, perhaps they went with it because it is less known and therefore reduce the risk of known attacks in other DB systems?

Perhaps either is the case: Obscurity or donations... A third option is that it provides some feature that doesn't exist in Oracle/SQL Server/Cassandra. However in digging into their web-site it looks like it is some sort of wrapper/hybridized product that mates to Hadoop, which would make sense given the vast volume of data you're talking about managing for the Federal exchange, which I believe services 36 states.

But with that said, I've never heard of it either.

Comment Pink Uniforms, Moisturiser and Manbags (Score 1) 495

It'll be pink uniforms next, followed by moisturiser rations and manbags. I hope they employ manicurists too.

The tanks will be replaced by Smart Cars and Nissan Figaros.

Having said that, it might make them more fierce in combat, especially if the enemy has better rations e.g. Halal kebabs with chili sauce.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 92

You sir are incapable of following rather simple directions.

With that out of the way, why would i even want to debate your inaccuracies and complete misunderstanding of what happened, and why? ( And apparently an inability to read as well. Or at least comprehend simple sentences )

I'm under no obligation to follow your directions. ...But like all petty cowards, you continue to attack the messenger without defending the ludicrous assertion (that Booth was a patriot.) I say he wasn't: If you fail to respond directly to the argument you've both lost the debate and proven yourself a coward in the mix. It was slavery--100% slavery. None of those "other issues" could exist without the slavery issue. "State's rights" is a code-phrase for the "states' right to have slavery." If you think something different happened the obligation is 100% yours to demonstrate it to us.

Comment Re: Looks like they are porting Clang features... (Score 1) 181

It was an indirect factor in that GCC's code is intentionally bad to prevent people from trying to bypass the GPL. We could have added our changes to GCC but it would have been a lot more work and would then become a maintainance issue for GCC updates.

Can you explain? Can you tell us what code in particular is bad and can you show us your patch? I've never looked at GCC internals, but I'd like to know.

Comment Re: Looks like they are porting Clang features... (Score 1) 181

Not in this case. my hardcore development has all moved to clang. we dumped GCC like the gpl-infested crap hole that it is.

Was that so that you could add your own proprietary language front-end and charge developers money for it? Or perhaps you had some secret-sauce extras to add to C or C++ to "add value" to monetize your exiting developer base? Please patent your extensions before one of those stinking, long-haired hippy types tried to implement a Free version for gcc.

Oh, you were trolling. Right-oh.

Comment Re:And all these computer parts in cars... (Score 1) 231

I was lead to believe that crumple zones (which British vehicles have been required to have since about the 1970s) improve safety for the occupants of the vehicle by making collisions last longer, therefore reducing the peak deceleration experienced i.e. the force, making the collision more survivable.

Mass-produced vehicle parts can be replaced relatively cheaply. Dead people can't be resurrected.

It's amazing what you can achieve when you stop restricting the flow of exhaust gasses to the point that the engine has to fight against the backpressure of its own waste products.

Could you dump some of the waste heat in the exhaust into a heat-exchanger to reduce the back pressure? Analagous to condenser on a steam turbine?

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 92

---- Booth was a patriot ---- If you dont agree with me, dont bother replying as i dont care what you have to say ----

Booth was a murderer, a coward, and a traitor. "The South" was not populated by patriots--or at least, not American patriots--it was populated by traitors who wanted to keep human beings as property, and were willing to murder as many people as they had to in order to protect their unconscionably evil economic system operating.

For that matter, you're a coward for posting something so ridiculous and then preemptively telling us you "won't respond."

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