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Comment Avoid those extra fees (Score 1) 281

I don't pay any convenience fees, checking fees, etc. These companies lay off workers reducing their costs and then charge the consumer for those savings.

I avoid Verizon for various reasons, primarily their total lack of ethics, as both as a cellular consumer and as a telecommunications contractor.

Comment We've come full circle (Score 1) 783

While Java is a high-level platform independent language, the coding enviornment has degraded back to the stone age.

From early days on the Model 33 Teletype coding FOCAL into a PDP-8 or ALGOL on the Burroughs B-5000 to Assembler on 808x/Z80/6502 platforms everything was one line at a time. Then, the world evolved to environments like Smalltalk or the wonderful Interlisp-D on Xerox' D machines. The super friendly and efficient coding environments died soon after. Microsoft's Visual series of environments for the C family of languages is also great.

Enter java. No pretty environment for such a nice language. We're back to command line coding. No more reverse execution, DWIM, Edit on Break and continue functions. We're back to the stone age. Sun and the Java Community missed the boat by developing a wonderful language with a coding environment that basically sucks the big time. We have de-evolved the coding world with Java. We're back to a Model 33 mentality for coding.

Comment Re:No Reason (Score 2) 136

This is the way it used to be. The only true security is to be isolated. When I worked on secret stuff, anything that went into the facility stayed in the facility and, there was absolutely no connection to the outside world -- None.

Also, these wireless network electric/water/gas meters are easily hackable. Why not just but a big wide open door into their data center?

It's hard to take these utility companies seriously when they talk up security. If they want it secure -- secure it.

Comment NASA/JPL mapped gravitional waves long ago (Score 1) 553

I have a book from NASA from years ago on Pioneer or Voyager that not only talks about gravitional waves, there are pictures of how they were mapped by the explorer satellites. The distortions and waves were pictured nicely in relation to the Sun as the satellites traversed the Solar System. I'll have to go through the old boxes and find those books.

Comment I made the switch. I switched to OFF (Score 1, Flamebait) 223

We never have been able to get UHF channels here so the new-fangled whoop-dee-doo Digital TV means NO TV here.

However, for those with reception issues, visit www.tvfool.com and look at their tools/toys. They have some interesting tools that you may find useful. Where we are every station says, "These channels are very weak and will most likely require extreme measures to try and pick them up."

Since we rarely, if ever watch brainwashing ads, extremely biased news, inaccurate weather or bad programming, we decided we really don't need an idiot box anyway. We'll keep the big screen for movies but now, we'll spend more time outside enjoying our world.

Those extreme measures the say we need to take will be to feed the landfill with more toxic waste. I guess I could send the TVs to India or China instead.

Comment Re:This is all a sham (Score 1) 369

Almost correct. "You" and "your" in this note refers to Microsoft

People are royally pissed off at the last product you released and it doesn't do have the things it was supposed to do. It was years late. Features were removed. And, most non-techie people who acquired it had tons of problems.

They had used your previous products like NT, 2000 and XP and were quite happy with those. They appeared stable, ran all your software and would do e-mail, web surfing and Word just fine (this is, after all, what most home users PCs do). There really wasn't a "NEED" to upgrade.

So, now that people upset with what happened, they are extremely reluctant to go through that hell again. They'll stick with what they have. Even corporate users are waiting for the promises you forced them into with the "new licensing" years ago.

You have lied so much that nobody really believes a word you say today. You have burned your customers and clients so many times that it isn't even funny. So all your promises today just fall on deaf ears.

The techies and those that need to have the latest & greatest simply because it is the latest & greatest will certainly dive in to get your latest puzzle but, most home and business users will stick with what they have. It works, the economy doesn't allow them to waste precious dollars on new stuff and, frankly, there just isn't any real need anymore.

Comment Re:Will MS allow me to do anything? (Score 1) 856

It isn't that the programs weren't designed to run with vista. It is that MS designed Vista so it wouldn't work with a ton of existing software.

Software that ran fine without corrupting Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP won't work with Vista.

So, Vista has a "Compatibility" mode but, still won't allow you to run XP software in XP Compatibility Mode.

The solution was easy. Rather than upgrade dozens of programs that cost thousands of dollars, we just did away with Vista. No more problems and we saved a bundle. Did it impact our ability to be productive? NOT ONE BIT! Vista didn't make us more productive -- it did just the opposite. Vista didn't keep our overhead down -- it did just the opposite.

Sure it had pretty graphics but those don't make us more productive. Sure it has a side bar but, again, that doesn't improve productivity. It required more hardware with no return on the investment. ROI is important in business. Maybe not to techies but it certainly is to CEOs.

The bottom line was that Vista did not enable one bit more in regards to getting the job done. It actually inhibited it. You say contact the vendor but, some of our software was custom made and some other was by vendors who have since been bought out. Your option isn't viable economically.

Comment Will MS allow me to do anything? (Score 1) 856

I bit the bullet and bought a new PC complete with Vista. The first thing I noticed was that they refused to allow me to install my already existing software. A little box popped up telling me I wasn't allowed to do that. MusicMatch Jukebox being the first, Pinnacle Studio another ...

So, I tried to mount my drive (foreign dynamic NTFS) from my Win2K box. Nope! That feature is disabled except for Vista Ultimate. OK, I placed the drive into a cheap backup box and copied the files over the network instead. That was done just for spite!

OK, the FAX. Nope again. Only business and ultimate support software send/receive of FAX. Thank you again MS!

So, I junked vista, put Win2K on the new hardware, added some drivers from the net and I'm happy as can be.

So, if Windoze 7 will allow me to do what I want or need to do, I'll gladly consider it but, if MS pulls the same crap they did with Vista, I'll be upgrading to a Mac.

United States

Submission + - Old DST v. New DST and Old Devices 3

BanjoBob writes: Just a reminder that some of your VCRs, Off-line TiVos and other appliances with clocks may have the clocks wrong today. Today is the day that the OLD Daylight Savings Time kicked in. However, our government, in their infinite wisdom (and who can't leave anything alone) decided to change it and the change happens next week. So, all your old devices with automatically adjusting clocks may need to be manually set. For that, you can thank the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005. To save energy, U.S. legislators set the stage then for 34 weeks of DST, beginning this year.

Submission + - Yahoo Downgrades MusicMatch Jukebox

BanjoBob writes: MusicMatch Jukebox has been a bundle of great MP3 and music management applications in one package. Apparently, it is the end of life for this wonderful MP3 player, ripper, catalog, CD player, Internet radio player, purchase outlet, Auto DJ, Super Tagger and music database. There was nothing not to like about the product. There is nothing to like about the new downgrade Yahoo! Music Jukebox. MusicMatch users are finding that they get upgrade notices to Yahoo! Those who have taken the bait are not pleased. Yahoo! Music Jukebox feedback doesn't have a lot nice to say about the product. Lots of features have gone away and that Free Upgrade costs about $20.

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