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Comment Re:Why not fix it immediately? (Score 2) 73

>>the developer releases a general security update that applies to everyone, you'd be fine with your host disabling essentially your entire site until you fixed it?

It all depends on the TOS from the host. Maybe the host declares that they disable clients that are contributing to (or may contribute to) network abuse. Unpatched machines will get compromised and become launchpads for attacks on others.

>>And if you're on vacation for a week or two when it happens? What then?

Would you rather come back from vacation to a disabled but uncompromised site, or to a enabled but compromised site? For the first case, you'd need to apply the updates and then restart the server. For the second case, you'd need to scrub the machine, re-install all your software and customizations, then restore your databases and content directories from backup.

>>I rather like the fact that the stuff I run can essentially sustain itself in my absence.

The point is, it can't. You can't secure a box and walk away for days/weeks/months. You need to be actively maintaining your servers.

Comment Re:Computer needed to change headlamp on 07 Dodge (Score 2) 238

All you need to do is pull the negative battery cable and the onboard systems will reset. You'll lose the radio programming, and any other onboard counters (like oil or tire pressure) will be reset.

It's a PITA, but we've been doing that on oil changes for decades now. If you change your own oil, you'll need to swing by Advance or Autozone (or NAPA for their "know how") to get the "Maint Reqd" light to go off.

Or just pull the battery cables.

Comment Re:No, it'll just be an OPTION (Score 5, Insightful) 650

I don't think that will be an option for a *long* time. As it stands now, if you are close to your car (and have your keys on you) you can be charged with DUI/DWI. The cops argue that you are technically in-control of your car any time you are near it.

I've seen two DUI busts while people were sitting in a non-running car listening to music. I've seen one for someone who went to get something out of the car without ever sitting inside or turning the ignition.

And as long as we have MADD, it'll be hard to change. They will always come back with "what ifs" and TOTC and lawmakers will roll over.

Comment Re:Would the limbs have ever worked? (Score 1) 124

That's mostly controlled by muscles/tendons in the forearm. They mention some nerve repair, but I doubt they really mean it in the way we think they mean it.

If this had worked, he'd have been exactly as bad off as before. He would have just looked *slightly* more normal and been a *much* greater burden on his caregivers.

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