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Comment Re:Well, of course... (Score 2) 514

My recommendation would be European Portuguese. Portuguese is one of the languages with most sounds (if you master it, you will be able to learn other languages much more easily), it's a very "mathematic" language (there are few exceptions in the language, the rules are very intuitive and predictable and once you get the hang of it, you can guess words you've never heard or read) and is considered by a lot of experts as one (if not the) of the most advanced languages. The fact that it is a very mathematic language makes it easy to learn especially for someone in the fields of exact sciences. There is also a lot of portuguese-written complimentary documentation (a lot of it from brazilian people).

Comment Re:Haven't read TFA (Score 1) 165

Portugal talking to Sweden:

- "So, you're producing electricity by incinerating trash? How cute."

I find it very interesting that Sweden is now doing this... Meanwhile in Portugal, this has been done for at least 20 years in thermoelectric powerplants and concrete factories (the so called co-incineration/co-generation).

Comment Onda Technology (Score 1) 263

I'm definitely partial to this one, since I'm one of the founders. However, I strongly believe in our goals and our projects are very interesting. Almost all of us are teachers and we are hoping to grow to a point where we can provide internships for kids that take professional courses instead of college degrees. Also, all of us that work there are purely volunteers.

Comment Re:Minimal Research? (Score 1) 543

People will actually learn something. With the recession here, some of the kids that will have a part in this project can't even afford a college degree. And they hardly can access a job or even an internship. At least this way they will be learning something, hands-on, instead of having just theory.
And we have several more projects. If you took at least five minutes to investigate, you'd know we work as a research project incubator and that we have more projects. One of the might actually save lives one day.

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