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Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 700

It's to combine boxes. Bluray support sucks for PCs - have you USED any of the software they have?

So I could have a bluray player as well as a linux machine that (hopefully) would be able to act as a mythtv front end. I just negated the need for a separate blu-ray player/PC setup. That's less power draw, less cable mess, everything. It is just better.

I am not looking to be rolling super fast ninja sweet linux setup with afterthrusters here. As long as it could have played my HTPC recorded video (from the other TV), it would have been a perfect set-top box for me that combined multiple devices into one. But now it doesn't have that. And that's okay - Sony doesn't HAVE to make something that I want. But I also don't have to say that their current product is awesome when compared to what it was before, either.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1, Troll) 700

After looking at what has been gained and what has been lost, at best it looks like PS3 owners have been given 97 cents in pennies, while they have had 400 dollars in 100$ bills taken from them.

Maybe to you quantity is more important than quality, but to me, everything Sony has done to the PS3 has made it even LESS inviting to me. The only reason I wanted it was FOR the parts they removed!

It doesn't matter though. I'm welcome to keep my money in my pocket and mock (mercilessly) Sony AND the Sony fanbois who think that their product is worth its weight in piss. It isn't.

Comment Re:I don't want flying images in my browser (Score 1) 601

I'm not sure why you got marked as Funny. If you only want text, go text only. It's not that complicated. Lynx will be fine for him.

Seriously, hearing these people bitch about these new advancements is kind of like having to listen to an old person complain that their new HDTV @ 1080p "looks too real" and that they miss their rabbit ears and fuzzy picture. I'm not going to tell them they're wrong to be complaining, but I do have a really hard time giving a damn.

Comment Re:Hey everyone, this is Microsoft! (Score 5, Interesting) 601

Because of the complexity of pages now. If you want to stay with no-image, no-javascript, no-flash html, there are fantastic browsers out there that will support your every need. But if you want to do crazy things with your browser like: Ball Pool, then it's going to make that poor browser nom your clock cycles like a morbidly obese person at a buffet.

Comment Re:16 years old, no legal rights against parents. (Score 5, Interesting) 428

I think you underestimate how much you have to beat a kid to get child services on you. Not even after my mother had my 12 year old brother drive her home from the bar (because she was drunk), then beat him so badly he was in the hospital for 3 days would the courts award my father custody. It took all of that plus a few failed drug tests before she finally gave up custody of him. Who knows what the courts would have decided, but it takes a hell of a lot to get your child taken away from you. A whole hell of a lot.

Submission + - Hopes for net neutrality dies in court (

Defenestrar writes: A federal appellate court has decided that the FCC has no congressional authority to regulate net neutrality, and as such; companies such as Comcast are free to shape traffic as they see fit until the United States Congress empowers the FCC with regulatory power over internet traffic within the United States (and consumer protection from ISP intentional data corruption for the sake of traffic shaping).

Comment Re:If I could do it, I would! (Score 1) 658

Sure, but can we then stop protecting artificial economic entities as well? No more laws that protect them in any way? No possibility of any sort of military engagement to protect any of their assets?

Why should they get the benefits of our infrastructure and our military without having to pay for that? It does not make sense.

Comment Re:Hmmm... (Score 4, Interesting) 869

Actually, they never could take a joke. Not with good grace and humor, at any rate. But that's okay, it's often hard for people to do that when they care passionately about the subject in question. That's kind of basic to the vast majority of humans, really. The rather unfortunate part of it is that people degenerate to such infantile gestures. These gestures, in turn, can probably be traced to back to being incapable of holding a rational, respectful conversation with someone of differing viewpoint, whether because of their own inability or the opposition's inability. Eventually it degenerates to a useless shouting and cockmongery that does not help the democratic process in the slightest. It's most unfortunate, but in a democracy, even the retards get their say. I suppose what's most unfortunate about it is that retards tend to be much louder than the thoughtful types, though your mileage may vary.

Comment Re:publicly available, but... (Score 1) 847

Actually, I'd say stalking a starlet or ex-girlfriend is worse. At least a police officer is trained in self-defense, firearms, et cetera.

I'm just saying, if shit did start to go down, I'd put my money on the police officer being able to protect themselves and their families, vs. the ex-girlfriend.

With that said, we're only talking about the danger inherent directly from the stalker. The scales shift back again the moment you start thinking "drug cartels endangering the families of undercover officers". Whether you approve or disapprove of the drug laws in this country, surely you can agree that targeting of innocents to provide leverage over anyone is pretty bad stuff.

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