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Comment Re:Why is this a surprise? (Score 1) 442

So we're looking at maybe $5 or so of my money actually making it back to the folks who genuinely worked on producing my video game.

This was still the case back in 1998. PC Gamer wrote an article about where the money goes from each game sale. Most went to the publishers, then the government (VAT - Value Added Tax for you non UKers out there) took a slice. The poor developers, the glue of the game, got bugger all.

You can't very well turn out a modern video game in your garage. I get it.

Yes you can! You just need time and patience. If your coding is good, everything else will follow. Also OSS like Blender and GIMP help greatly, unlike 10 yrs ago when you needed the cash to get these apps.

If garage gamers didn't exist anymore you wouldn't get titles like Darwinia by Introversion Software. True, these guys are a lot fewer nowadays, but it is my belief that true innovative and fun games will still come from the bedroom/indie/homebrew gamers. You'll just have to look around to find them! :)

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