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Comment Re:sounds like they're running exchange (Score 1) 165

As an Exchange administrator, I can say that searching across an entire mail database is absolutely possible, and also very simple to do from the Management Shell. They're either lying, or just don't want to do it.

It is also possible on Notes, any Unix mailbox format (maildir, mbox, maildir+, w/e), and any other e-mail system I can think of.

Comment Print and flash (Score 1) 329

Get one of those thin flash cards, save the data on it, and tape it to the printed paper.

I mean, c'mon. What's the point of having it ONLY on paper? Yes, this is the backup of the backup. So what? Add another layer and save you the trouble later. Or two layers. It is obviously not too much data, since you are considering backup it up on paper. So just for a few 5ers and get some low capacity flash cards, make lots of copies.

Comment Is the department of redundancy department back ? (Score 1) 298

I mean, seriously? This is news?
Extra! Extra! Companies that can sell cheaper makes the ones that can't close. Companies that sell big can force producers to adjust their prices. Companies change prices based on what customers are willing to pay. Extra! Extra!

Whoever wrote this, the moment he said "real price", he just won the moron of the year award.

Comment Re:Complete asshat move by the White House (Score 1) 621

You're fooling yourself. We're living in a dictatorship. ..... A self-perpetuating autocracy in which the working classes--

Your statement is not far from the truth. Notice that the USA is not a true democracy. There is no direct voting, and the votes of all citizens do not carry the same weight. Although I wouldn't go as far as calling it an autocracy, it is not so different than an aristocracy, since a part of the population has more political power than others. It is odd that a country that gave the world presidentialism, and whose constitution was one of the landmark of the modern state and the democratic state, could have one of the least democratic, democratic election processes...

But this is a totally different discussion.

Comment Re:Complete asshat move by the White House (Score 1) 621

..anything but a dictionary, right?

You mean I should not using something that gives the definition for the specific context we are using the word in, but instead use something that gives several different possible meanings, for several different possible contexts, that might not even include the specific one ?


Comment Re:Complete asshat move by the White House (Score 1) 621

Legitimacy is given by the people

Right, and you know who ratified the Constitution? The People. If the authority isn't specifically listed in the Constitution, the people have not consented, and the authority is not legitimate.

I see an eerie resemblance between this argument and that of morality/ethics with Fundamentalist Evangelical Christians....


We're beginning to have a schism between fundamentalist constitutionalists and catholic (lower-"c") traditionalists in the US....

Thank you. That is exactly the question of legitimacy.
In pre-modern times, be it monarchy or theocracy, the source of legitimacy was god. Directly. The kind if the appointed representative of god.
In modern times, we have republics, where the people are the legitimate source of the constituent power (the power that CREATES the constitution). But we also have theocratic and quasi-theocratic states, where there is a power behind that, so the bible is the source of the constituent power.
And here is the interesting part of a quasi-theocratic state (which some are trying to turn the USA into): the true constituent power has no limits or bounds except international treaties regarding human rights. That it. If the constituent power is bound by the bible or religion, it is not a true source of legitimacy, that moves back in the chain and is now no longer the people, but the bible/god/whatever.

When that happens, you pretty much destroyed the whole idea of a republic, and turns back into a quasi-theocracy, or a theocracy disguised as if it were a republic. Really, really bad idea.

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