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Comment Re:No (Score 1) 406

There is no way to defend an undersea cable from the submarine that will be splicing into it far out to sea after a ship accidently drags their anchor across it close to shore.

Oh, c'mon. Of course there is. Sharks with freaking laser beams attacked to their foreheads have been around for sometime now, and are the perfect line of defense.

Comment Re:Hypocrites (Score 1) 260

Back then they didn't know they themselves had been spied on. But I agree. It didn't take a Kreskin to see the spying on Brazil revelations coming once they started. They should have stood up for it. In fairness to the region, other Latin American countries did.

Wtf? Everybody knows the USA spies on everyone else. Saying she didn't know just makes her look dumb. The reason she didn't stand for Snowden is because of some economic disputes doing on with the USA right now. It is as simple as that.

Comment Re:Fair enough but (Score 1) 260

What about the super secret nuclear plant at Recende which even the normally craven IAEA says is bizarrely inaccessible? What about Brazil's SNI and ABIN intelligence agencies which are literally only answerable to the person of the President and even that only nominally and that they had been caught wiretapping every single person in the Federal government in 2008?

Oh, please. SNI/ABIN couldn't find the brand of underwear the president uses, if they had to (it is Zorba, by the way). And the nuclear plant in Rezende is mostly for show, and decades behind most countries with nuclear technology.

The target is the deep sea oil exploration and the alternative fuel technologies. Those are valuable and a threat.

And to say she didn't know USA was spying other countries? WTF? Seriously? No one can be that dumb.

Comment Re:Yeah, talk me more about those "Washington Effo (Score 4, Insightful) 260

Right now, Brazil is the world leader in deep sea oil exploration/extraction (way, WAY ahead of any other). Also, it has the most successful alternative fuel program in the world (most successful by any measure you chose, be it price, adoption, w/e). Those two things alone paint a big target mark in the country's back, and make it a prime target for espionage. The USA tried to buy those technologies in the past, and was mostly refused, if I recall correctly.

Some people will say that Brazil once had a nuke program. Who cares? These fuel technologies are a bigger threat to the USA than any patched up nukes would be, by the simple fact Brazil is using them, and they are making a difference. See all the wars that are fought because of oil, and all the anti-ethanol lobbing always going on in the US.

Comment Re:ballsy move (Score 1) 285

Humm, no, that is not it at all. And I, and I'm 100% anti-PT (the political party), think you are being overly paranoid and oversimplifying things.
Please, there are better things to copy from the USA than their fascination with conspiracy theories.

The main problem our president has (besides being a joke, that is), is that she, somehow, manages to surround herself with the most incompetent people in the country. See Itamar Franco, one of our former presidents. He was stupid and incompetent himself, but managed to surround himself with competent people, and thus got good results.

When I see people like Mercadante in the government, someone whose incompetence is legendary, I have to question more than her competence. I question her common sense.

Unfortunately, we are a people who think we all understand democracy, when ours is barely out of its cradle and didn't even start walking. No one bothers to read the constitution, or to understand how our constitutional democracy works. And that is how the power groups manipulate our democracy, though our ignorance.

Comment Re:ballsy move (Score 1) 285

It's commonly accepted that on our brazilian portuguese language we do not change the gender if the article is sufficient to identify it -- "a piloto", "a gerente". Portuguese is sufficiently complicated and too many words as it is.

And yes, she made a law forcing to "genderize" words, at least on school certificates. Presidenta, yuck.

If you are jornalista or humorista, you are female now. How nice of her :D

Comment Re:ballsy move (Score 5, Interesting) 285

As a Brazilian, I have to say this is just the typical "full of hot air" attitude of the current government.
I don't expect anything more than some noise and a couple news flashes to come out of this. And a lot of wasted public money, probably being spent on companies owned by political cronies.

This is the same president that published an executive order (has force of law) that changed our language to include a female inflection for the word "president" (which was a non gender specific word, to begin with)

Comment By that logic (Score 1) 617

- Hey, anyone can make computer programs at home. All programers will starve
- Anyone can make movies at home, movie makers
- Anyone can make theater plays are home. The Royal Shakespearean Company actors will starve
- Anyone can make coffee at home. Starbucks will go broke
- Anyone can invent a god at home (Ron Hubbard proved it). All religions will run out of money

Cry... me... a... river....

Comment Re:If it is off (Score 2) 472

You can sleep soundly if your computer is off and/or unplugged.

That's the good advice that nobody takes. Putin went one step further and recommended using typewriters for confidential data.

I'm more on the "never sleep soundly" side of things. Trusting you have a secure system is a good part of the problem. Even a typewriter had flaws.

Comment If it is off (Score 5, Insightful) 472

You can sleep soundly if your computer is off and/or unplugged. Otherwise, you should always be on your guard.

Keep your confidential data behind multiple levels of protection, and preferentially disconnected when you are not using it. Never trust anything that is marketed at 100% safe. There will always be bugs to be exploited, if nothing else.

A healthy level of paranoia is the best security tool...

Comment Re:stealthy? (Score 5, Interesting) 179

slow and stealthy denial of service attacks

I don't think a DOS can be stealthy......if it's denying service, are people going to notice?

A stealthy DOS is when the attack looks like a normal occurrence, and not an attack. It is not the DOS that is stealthy, it is the attack or, rather, the reason for the lack of service.

It is a very neat thing, actually. Say you have a very long, segmented fence. There are 1000000 segments, and every day 1 of those will break and stay broken for 10 seconds. You can't explore that, because it is random, and you can't try all 1000000 segments in 10 seconds. However, if you can force the dice and make a specific segment tail, you can be there and exploit it, because you know which one and when. To the external observer, however, it was just a normal, run of the mill segment fail.

It is the same concept. The failure is there, they notice it, but it is done in such a way they don't notice it is an attack.

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