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Comment Re:Canonical does have a compatible/certified list (Score 1) 352

AFAIK, what's on that list was (and still is) fully tested. If you check the page for the E6410, you see that the machine was tested with 10.04.4 64bit provided by Dell which means probably was tweaked for this machine and stock Ubuntu 11.10. Below on the page you will see also the details of the hardware (it says the model tested used nvidia graphics).
Full disclaimer: I do work for Canonical but not for the testing team. What I can say for what I see and hear is they do test machines according to what is described on this list.

Comment Re:I gotta hand up over here... (Score 1) 259

What's the difference between a window manager and a desktop environment?

Or was it "desktop manager" and "window environment"?

No, seriously, I don't know the difference.

For the end user, not much. Technically, the different is big, and they can be completely separated. A Window Manager will offer a set of features for, literally, manage the Windows on the screen. Even a root menu are not required. A Desktop Manager will offer an application environment and so on. I remember using X11 + Gnome + Enlightenment a few years back. Gnome was a Desktop Manager that required a Window Manager (E was one of the option).

I know I'm not doing a good job explaining this, so if someone could clarify a little bit more. Anyway, I home the X11 + Gnome + E example was useful.

Comment Re:Too little too late (Score 3, Informative) 234

What did you move to may I ask?

2 apps.

1) Streamzoo - Easy and convenient. Very Instagram-like.
2) Pixlr-o-matic - Amazing filters. However, not was convenient. A ton of filters and options are available. Keep your pics on your phone and share using standard services ( etc).

So I will be mostly using Streamzoo for whatever pics, and will use Pixlr-o-matic when I want some better results.

Comment Too little too late (Score 5, Interesting) 234

This is a classical example of how a mistake can cost you users forever.
Earlier today, I removed all my photos and deleted my account. After that, I started trying other apps and services, and actually found one I like more than Instagram.

So yeah, I could go back, but I won't, simply because I found something else that I like better and, truth be told, moving back is simply not worth the 5 minutes it would take.

Does this make a big different for me ? Nope, which is why I wasn't even looking for an alternative before. This whole fiasco pushed me to look, and I'm not going back.

Comment Re:Warm feeling (Score 1) 675

I'm guessing you've not used Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, MS Office, Windows 8 or any other MS product. When you install an app that has ties to the "Customer Experience Improvement" stuff, there is a handy balloon at the bottom of your taskbar which invites you to click to opt out. If you dismiss the balloon, the icon in your systray stays there showing that you're collecting data.

I'm not sure how much more upfront you can get. Honestly. (And I opt out immediately for anything I use.)

Windows will still send data even if you opt-out, although it is less data.

Comment Re:Warm feeling (Score 1) 675


I'm glad someone mentioned having a problem with Microsoft collecting data off of people PERSONAL Computers (PC)

I would have no problem with them collecting it if they did so in a honest and upfront manner. Meaning letting people know they would do it beforehand, and before collecting it for the first time, giving the use a clear and direct option to disable it.

Yes, I know some will say "opt-out" is evil, but I believe it is possible to do it the right way. Evil is doing it in some hidden way that takes hours to find out. "Opt-out" is ok when you throw the option directly into the user's face. Then again, maybe that is not "opt-out", but simply a direct choice with a default option.

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