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Comment Would be an exercise in uselessnes (Score 2) 151

I bet everybody think about Android Market and all the cool stuff there. Well, don't do that unless your Android runs ARM.

I've got recently my hands on a Android MIPS phone. Extremely frustrating experience -- two of every three downloads from the Market simply refuse to install, because they have some tiny snippet or library compiled to ARM native code. Unless Intel heavy invests in app developers recompiling their works for Android/x86, it will be barely usable outside of the base system.

Comment Re:Correction - we let the japs off the hook (Score 2, Insightful) 370

"Rooted out the entire German ruling class"? Get back to your history book. Yes, the top level tier was tried and sentenced, but middle- and low-level nazi party officials not only remained mostly untouched, but kept their offices and roles well into the 60s, changing only the facade (which was one of the major points of the revolt of '68 in Germany).

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