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Submission + - Red Hat's plan for software patents in Europe (

WMGarrison writes: "In 2005, as the battle over software patents reached its climax, Red Hat explained their plan for software patents: extend US-style patents to Europe, make software patents stronger and harder to defeat, and create an interoperability niche that would prevent patent claims on Windows-Linux interoperation. Instead of working with the Abolitionists — FFII, FSF, and hundreds of small software firms — to end software patents in Europe, Red Hat was working to rewrite the law and remove the protection from patents that Europe's small software sector had enjoyed until then."

Comment (off topic) - Chromium (Score 1) 166

FWIW I work on a netbook (Eee 1000 with eeebuntu) which is small, cheap, robust, and runs for 12 hours on an extended battery.

But Firefox is painfully slow. Chromium warns "This browser is not ready!" but is actually really great.

Apart from that cut and paste bug and a few more.

It's fast, fast, fast, and I don't mind if it crashes. I just restart it, remember to not press Ctrl-V, and let other people post my URLs for me.

I enjoyed Firefox a lot but the speed Chromium runs at makes it a compelling switch, even unfinished. Amazing, no?

Comment Standards of democracy? (Score 1, Troll) 494

I suspect that in elections from 2000 to 2006, the standards of democracy in the US fell to below what we would consider acceptable in emerging democracies. Where there would be monitoring from outside observers.

Not to make this more political than it will be, but do we know what direction those stolen votes went? Do we know how much this influenced the national vote?

Another thing I did not find in TFA: how was this uncovered?


Submission + - Red Hat claims patent on SOAP over CGI? ( 1

WMGarrison writes: "US Patent 7453593 claims command-line processing by a web server of SOAP requests, resulting in XML responses, from and to a remote client. The HTTP Common Gateway Interface (CGI) operates precisely as described in Claim 1. If you POST a SOAP document and return an XHTML response or a SOAP document, this infringes on Claim 2, since both XHTML and SOAP are XML languages. This patent thus claims to own the processing of SOAP documents by CGI programs."

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