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Comment Re:in a word, its quite a bit different. (Score 1) 459

as a Gen Y guy myself, i have to wonder what this quote means:

beyond the most generic office etiquitte noted by OP, here are a few others:

read your IM's, i use them more religiously than you can imagine to convey important information.

So you expect your coworkers to be tied to their computer screen or constantly checking their cell phones? IM's are terrible for conveying anything except the most trivial information, e.g. a telephone number, or a real-time status. Important information, as you say, generally needs context and dialogue. This is why we use email, telephone, and face to face.

Do not call me. the phone is on my desk and i've an extension, sure, but its far more natural and efficient for me to email or IM you. If you have to call me, keep shit brief. no um's or err's or giggles...just the facts. telephones are incredibly distracting.

No, IM's are incredibly distracting. If I'm calling someone, it's because something needs to be discussed. If you can't talk at that time, then you call someone back. It's incredibly efficient, this dialog thing.

try to maintain communications parity. for example: if i email you, email me in response. dont take every IM as an occasion to march down to my cube, its a timewasting distraction.

Again, face to face is often the best way to discuss things instead of back and forth in email. Email for monologs, sure, but face to face is the ONLY efficient way to find out if the other person really does understand.

Based on your comments, it looks you want to live in your own small little world and just do the tasks assigned to you. You have no interest in other employees or what is going on in other parts of the company. Good luck with that.

I dont care about the office politics. dont bring it to my desk.

No, because politics never affects you, since you are so important. Give me a break.

Comment Re:Now, for the other angle, is this treason? (Score 1) 367

If Snowden leaked this at this point he's exposing information on operations, methods, everything.
At what point does it cross the line and become treason? Is there a line which gets crossed where every Snowden supporter would say "this has gone too far"?

No. Next question.

Comment Re:I beg to differ, sir (Score 1) 340

You can't run interpreted code on iStuff.


"3.3.2 An Application may not itself install or launch other executable code by any
means, including without limitation through the use of a plug-in architecture, calling other
frameworks, other APIs or otherwise. No interpreted code may be downloaded and used in
an Application except for code that is interpreted and run by Apple's Published APIs and builtin interpreter(s)."

Please stop modding up FUD. This is DOWNLOADED code. They won't certify an app that then goes and downloads more code that they can't certify. You can write and run as much interpreted code as you want on the iPad, as long as you don't push it to other iPads. Sounds EXACTLY like using a programming calculator, except you have a lot more options.

Comment What about people? (Score 2) 341

So we have to build this to protect companies. Actually, company property. OK, no, actually the property that they rent, since they probably don't own it. What about the PEOPLE that will be flooded. Why should I care about protecting companies? Is our mindset really so fucked up that companies come first? Rhetorical question.

Comment Re:I suspect he's right. (Score 1) 580

But I hope he's wrong. Chances of anyone in government coming together for long enough to get something like this done again are slim, especially without a military reason.

Then we have to change that government and military. The only way to save this planet in the long run is to get it out of the hands of the "free market" and into the hands of people with intelligence and integrity. The problem is those people rarely want that kind of power, but eventually they will have no choice but to step up.

Comment Re:Aquisitions (Score 1) 156

What do all these companies do? Either they have some customers that Salesforce wants, or they have a "technology" that they want. Where "technology" is just some code that has to be completely rewritten to work with the existing Salesforce code. This to me looks like a company out of control.

Comment Re:USA might help (Score 2) 211

How about they ask the Americans for help? We have had a lot of experience with nukes, and could use a chance to prove that we can still do something in the world besides violate international law. If we fuck it up, then you can blame external powers for it.

I think Russia would be the experts, not the US. It's purely ego-centric to think that any nation would just at the US helping them out. BTW, I'm all in favor of disbanding congress, and bringing in another nation to redesign our government. I wonder how that would go over?

Comment Re:Nintendo's taking a lot of flak for this... (Score 1) 156


The 3D screen, while being a fun gimmick, is expensive to produce. At the same time it imposes a heavy hit to battery life due to both the energy costs of running the parallax barrier and the energy costs of the more powerful backlight needed to send enough light through that barrier. That's a big reason the original 3DS, despite its relatively puny SoC, only gets 3-5 hours on a single charge (typically closer to the former). So producing a model without the 3D screen, along with solving their unsafe-for-children problem, scratches an itch in the market for a version of the console without the 3D screen and its drawbacks.

The issue however is as you note: the rest of the design. I for one was hoping for a 3DS sans the 3D screen and that's it; maintain the size and the clamshell, just ditch the 3D screen. Instead we have something that looks like the bastard son of a tablet and a 3DS. Given the market Nintendo is going for (the under 7 crowd) this may make all the sense in the world for as far as I know; Nintendo does do their research before going ahead with their spacier ideas. But I'll freely admit it's not the 2DS I was wanting.

Comment Re:Here's what holds ME back. (Score 4, Insightful) 530

You know what holds ME back?

I work hard. I worry about retirement, about having kids. I can't AFFORD to spend "extra" to go green. I will do what is cheapest. If, in the long run, a 30 mpg car helps my pocketbook over a 50 mpg car, I'll get it. I make no apologies.

And that is the problem with most Americans. They mod this up, because doesn't everyone really just care about numero uno? If I sacrifice, no one else will, and they will laugh while I suffer? Sickening. Is this what we've become? From "land of the brave" to "land of craving grubbing cowards." Americans used to have a concept of "common or greater good," of "helping your neighbor," of "advancing the nation." Now it's just scrounging for scraps before the rest of the curs grab them. The problem is NOT the economy, it's NOT the criminals in congress, it's NOT the invisible terrorists, it's this attitude that it's not only OK to be selfish, but it's rational and expected.

Well, fuck you all and your tiny little world view. Humanity will grow and advance and reach out to the stars, and they will leave your filthy ass behind. It's time to bury Franklin's experiment, and get the people in this country who still have goals and ideals and courage someplace to do the work that needs to be done. I have no problem cutting loose the detritus. You are already dead and buried as far as I'm concerned.

Was that strong enough?

Comment Re:Ballmer's retirement (Score 1) 98

Outercurve isn't a part of MS at all. So it'll have no impact although, if the new CEO is more "understanding" of Open Source, it's likely that there will be opportunities for Outercurve and other orgs to help MS see the light.

Since MS is a publicly traded mega-corporation. They just happens to sell software as one of their meriad ways to make money, I don't see how they could be made to "see the light." Unless you mean to stop selling software as part of their business?

Comment Pokemon (Score 1) 156

It's a cheap second machine for anyone who plans to play the new Pokemon games. You need one to play, and one to trade, in order to get the interesting evolutions and version exclusives. It works like this. You play A all the way through. Then you play B, trade over the pokemon from A, get version exclusives, and breed. Then you play A one more time, trading all the eggs/babies over for a great starter set. Yes, the Pokemon franchise forces you to own two machines.

Comment Re:They broke Yahoo Finance, too (Score 1) 172

Yahoo has completely missed the point of why investors go to a page like that.

And we miss the point of why that page exists, and that is to make money for Yahoo. Long gone are the days of VCs throwing money at any company that gets headlines and viewers. Advertising is all there is, short of subscriptions. Yahoo has NO REASON to provide a simple page that the readers like for free. Viewers are not their customers, advertisers are. And the customers of the advertisers are people who are not savvy enough to block those ads.

Comment Re:As usual. (Score 1) 622

Think of it as evolution in action.

The parents are fine, because they were all vaccinated when they were kids. It's their children who are made to suffer their stupidity. If anything, a special child-abuse team should be set up to ascertain whether the parents have learned from their mistake and are willing to make changes to their beliefs, or if they are still a danger to the future health of their children.

Comment Re:Bureaucratic idiocies are real. (Score 2) 301

A better strategy, that might actually result in sub-trillion-dollar deficits, would be to reward government entities that don't spend their entire budget. Tell the financial controllers to send 99% of the "underspend" back to Washington, and personally pocket the other 1%. Suddenly you will see massive underspends appearing all over the place!

No. You'd see people gaming the system to get the maximum budget (over what they need) so they could have the most unspent. These sorts of "obvious" solutions are almost always ridiculous if you put in a little thought.

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