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Comment Re:The reasons have disappeard. (Score 1) 79

People have bought newspapers over the years for many reasons, and thanks to the Internet, almost all of them have dried up. I can get news from any of a hundred or more countries from the comfort of my computer.

But not local news. By local I don't mean city, but neighborhood or small town. That's the niche that newspapers will more and more fall into. Leave the big picture to the internet, but until everyone, and I mean everyone, uses internet enabled readers, paper is still the most efficient way to get the small but important stories to every person on the street.

Comment Re:More to the point... (Score 2) 437

More than life, civilization, most of mankind and big cities are near sea level, and at coasts. And the crops that feeds most of them are not so far.

How wrong can you be grasshopper. Crops are grown along rivers, generally in flood plains. Now the rivers may rise, but that's not necessarily a bad thing for farmers.

Comment Re:NSA Datacenter (Score 1) 189

I live close to the new NSA data center in Bluffdale, Utah. Currently we are under a drought with widespread municipal water restrictions, yet the NSA surveillance center requires 1.7M gallons of water daily to operate.

Water rationing guarantees more cheap water for big industry. Power rationing guarantees that big industry does not need to produce more energy for the same rates. Let's not get into recycling. All these things are taken to the extreme, making normal people's lives harder, and rich people's easier. Don't take more than you need, but never feel guilted into taking less.

Comment Re:So just download wordpress (Score 2) 216

and make your own blog. Or use Google blogger. Or any of a thousand different ways. Why is this even news?

Because they didn't come out and say, "Starting in two months we will stop indexing any site that we think is questionable. This will give you time to move your adult material to a new site." Instead they do it without any warning whatsoever. That's a big fuck you to their customers. How many times will this do this kind of thing again in the future?

Comment Re:It's an issue of trust (Score 1) 107

Open source is not trustworthy by default. If you download and use a somewhat obscure bit of FOSS, do you really check the code yourself for bad behaviour, or do you assume that others have?

And if you are using a binary, then checking the source code is mute. Unless you compile it yourself, who's to say what you are using. Of course, can you trust your compiler... :-)

Comment Re:Screw 'em all (Score 0) 139

It wouldn't surprise me if Google and Microsoft have convinced themselves that whatever they did was right.

Google and Microsoft are not people, even if they are corporations. They do not convince themselves of anything. There is no moral right, wrong, or in between. Corporations exist to crush the competition and dominate whatever market they focus on, and to convince the consumers to give the greatest part of their yearly wealth to them instead of the other corporation. Image and public relations are part of that, but please don't try to give them a moral conscience.

Comment Re:We needed to step back, not forward (Score 2) 106

We should have ditched the com, net and org and just force everyone to use TLDs according to their countries. Sites like would be, etc.

How is that any different? Companies and people are becoming increasingly more international these days. Something more useful would be function, e.g. .store, .blog, .person, etc. The only reason we have the country codes is that each country wanted to control its own primary, for whatever reason. It's time to get national borders out of the internet.

Comment Government = Corporations (Score 2) 51

"He is a strong libertarian, privacy advocate, and long time Slashdot reader who is not happy about how the NSA and other government bodies are sticking their noses into our personal business. "

That's hilarious. Does he completely ignore that the US government is completely controlled by corporations, i.e. the richest of the rich? You know, the exact people that the Libertarians worship and wish to emulate? PRISM was not designed to keep the government in power. It was designed to keep the rich people rich, and the poor people poor. You know, the logical consequences of unrestricted corporate freedom. And if that's not the Libertarian ideal, then what is?

Comment Re:Microsoft PR is Sick (Score 1) 141

They recently brought PM Man Bill "I have a charity" Gates our (again) to explain why he (and they) did not have to pay Tax...You know the sort of thing that pays for Education (and Hospitals..roads...etc).

This Disgusts Me

Thanks for agreeing with me. I get voted down every time I disparage his disgusting so-called "philanthropy."

Comment Re:Settings examples (Score 1) 274

He's small time, he cheated, he got caught and made an example of. If only we could have this sort of efficiency and insight into real politicians.

I hope you're joking. This is simply publicity that will jump start his public political career. There is no such thing as bad press anymore. Morals were thrown out the window a couple of decades ago.

Comment Re:Having worked at NASA for such folks (Score 1, Interesting) 237

I can tell you that with out a PhD, your are viewed as little more than a trained chimp. Masters in both CS and Applied Math seemed to mean nothing, the fact that these so called doctors were incapable of writing more than 4 lines of intelligible code was beside the point.

It was fairly annoying, and none of my work is cited in their papers.

I had the same experience at a major national lab. Because I didn't have a PhD, i.e. Post Doc, I felt like a dog's chew toy. They had a yearly "peer" review system, where the PhD's reviewed each other, and also the rest of the staff. Needless to say they were always at the top of the review, and we lesser folks were always at the bottom.

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