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Comment Re:Never hacked? (Score 1) 238

Last time I heard VMS had never been hacked. Is that still the case?

It was the best OS I ever worked with. It'd be nice if they open sourced it.

When I was at Argonne Labs in the 80's, there was a rumor of someone sending out fake update/patch tapes made to look like they shipped from DEC. I'm not sure if anyone fell for it, or even if they did, what the "hackers" could get. Only universities were on the DECNET at that time.

Comment Re:Geeks, Nerds, and Dorks (Score 1) 267

Geeks vs Nerds vs Dorks

Not completely wrong, but pretty darn close.

Nerd - someone who gets high grades in school and reads a lot, scholastically bright, generally a private person
Geek - someone who likes that which is not in the mainstream, they form tight communities around their interests, reduced interest in those outside the community
Dork - person with no social skills

Comment Re:Multiple displays since 1987 (Score 1) 607

OS X has THE worst multi-monitor support in the industry. Without question. I actually broke down and sold my secondary display because it is next to worthless on a Mac. I like to run XCode in full-screen mode (more real estate for dual pane mode). The second monitor is literally just a gray colored paper weight in this mode. Do I really need to use my air-play compatible device as a second display? Not at all. It will still be useless to me.

This comment is a joke, right? I've had dual monitors on Macs since before OSX even existed, and support has always been above par, including now. The only problem I have is that sometimes an application does not understand that there is a second monitor, which is what you are experiencing. Some games do that for me. So how is that the OSs fault, exactly?

Comment Re:Deal breaker (Score 1) 581

The problem is that both of those are also true for the XB1. You can play used games on it (you just have to resell it through a partnering retailer) and it's not an always-on console because it can be disconnected for up to 24 hours.

Consequently Sony could deliver the same thing as Microsoft, and technically they'd still live up to their promises.

Comment PCs do not define IT (Score 1) 295

Please stop talking like your desktop defines IT. 10 Gb ethernet has been around for years for Sun/Oracle servers, IBM servers, Cisco switches, storage arrays, etc. Hell, I could even get 10Gb for my Mac. It hadn't made it into the PC world yet due to office wiring to the desk still being Cat 5. It's hard enough to get 1 Gb connections for the general user.

Comment Re:Is I also said on Ars... (Score 1) 404

The NSA and the CIA are rogue states within the state, they are beyond control and are not acting for you, or in your best interests

Respectfully, I disagree.

I enjoy living in the most prosperous, most powerful nation in the world. And despite the fact that we have numerous foreign enemies and more than a few domestics, our security services have managed to keep attacks against the civilian population to an incredibly low number. Not being maimed, killed, or otherwise having my life ruined is absolutely in my best interest.

And despite the fact that the less trustful members of this site consider this Orwellian, the fact remains that I'm free to go anywhere I want, profess my beliefs, and vote for those candidates I believe in. And all the while I'm not being harassed by any kind of government organization, unlike the STASI and other organizations you mention.

So why am I not angry or outraged? Because quite frankly life is good right now. Other than telling TSA to take a hike - and I consider the TSA's mission to be well meaning but misguided - the security services that protect me have been able to improve their ability to protect me without impacting the quality of my life. My interest is to continue living a good life, and our security services are part of what it takes to uphold that. So I'd say they're very much acting in my interests.

Comment Re:Lever machines just work (Score 1) 211

And do not need to be replaced.

OK we're all done here.

Stop the luddite love. Of course voting machines can be made more efficient and more secure with modern technology. It's just that the people implementing them are criminals and the politicians buying them are corrupt. Take away the profit angle, add accountability with real consequences, with a oversight board with integrity, and we could have that great new system. As long as it is a money grab, we will continue to get crap.

Comment Who says they were great coders? (Score 3, Interesting) 195

Just because they name drop does mean they are great coders, only that they are great at self promotion. Who's to say that some silent but really competent coder wasn't responsible for the code they take credit for? I think what you saw was not "great coders can't work together," but instead, "great projects have many unsung heroes."

Comment Re: What is 300 trillion ? (Score 1) 205

Do you understand that banker are creditors, who benefit from a strong currency? So if their unenlightened self interest is the opposite of what they are doing, why are they doing it? Maybe because they (along with 99% of all economists) believe that we all benefit from expansionary monetary policy during recessions?

Banks are international. They play one country's currency against another, and there is no reason to keep the US dollar level with the other currencies. One day they may decide to "cash in" the US, and you will see run away inflation, like they have done to many other countries in the past. The dollar is not the world.

Comment Re:Where do annoying words come from? (Score 4, Insightful) 138

Shuttered and closed have different implications in this case. Closed implies an orderly wind down, while shuttered implies a rapid and disorderly cessation. It's akin the difference between closing time at night a local restaurant, and the owners throwing everyone out in the middle of the day.

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