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Comment Give everyone a few square meters (Score 4, Insightful) 248

Divide the moon up into N Billion equal pieces, and give each person on the planet an equal share. Then Bigelow can buy his land on the free market. Oh wait, that's not what he wants. He wants the moon carved up and given to the wealthiest people to make them even wealthier, backed by the world military to make sure that the poor get nothing out of it. Ah, capitalism. How you solve all the world's problems.

Comment Re:Time to get rid of it (Score 1) 337

I don't much care for the Tea Party folks myself, but I wouldn't call them domestic terrorists. When was the last time they blew up a building? Refusing to compromise with the broader populace and causing government gridlock are not illegal terrorist actions.

Convincing poor old people that they don't want health care is pretty evil, and will end up killing more than the 9/11 attack. So, yes, I think it's pretty apt to call them terrorists.

Comment Re:Purpose of the TSA (Score 1) 337

I have read the news, and clearly I pay closer attention than you. I repeat: there is no grand conspiracy out to get you. The US government is run by TENS OF THOUSANDS of people, who are often fighting against each other. You think that's all an act? You think that many people, working over so many decades, could pull something like that off without leaks? No. It's not possible.

True, the TSA expansion is mostly a money grab by the contractors supplying the over priced equipment and the under paid agents, but don't believe for a minute that the powers that be don't recognize the other benefits of an easy to control society. Hell, people are voting against their own health care benefits. Maybe it's just an experiment to see how many flaming hoops they can be made to jump through?

Comment Re:yes and no (Score 0) 337

It would also discriminate against pilots who are pacifists, and would refuse to operate a weapon.

Not to mention the risk of a pilot going postal with a gun. And there have been several instances of pilots flipping. They have a high stress job, abnormal sleep patterns, and it's expected that they have a higher risk.

Quit making sense. The "more guns equal more safety" fallacy is too entrenched to make a dent. At least most of the civilized world gets it.

Comment Re:Horse, Stable, Bolted (Score 0) 198

All they are doing now is stepping up their tap dancing in the hopes that people will fail to see the obvious about their bundled downloads.

Ads are targeted at the gullible, i.e. idiots. It's just another form of spam. Their statements are written by the sales/marketing/MBAs who have taken over SourceForge. They are targeted at the idiots who may believe it. Their previous customers are less susceptible to advertising and BS. Therefore, we are no longer their customers. I too got virused on my last visit to them. SourceForge is dead to me. Hopefully Slashdot gets a new overlord soon, lest the same shit happen here.

Comment Re:Misleading Statistics (Score 1) 365

the number of motorists who access the internet (e.g. check email, surf websites, etc.) has nearly doubled over the past four years

This statement implies these people access the internet regularly. However, that's not the question they asked.

Actually, it's one in four people ANSWERED that they used the internet, not actually used the internet. Right after 9/11 the majority of Americans said they supported our government's actions, because they felt they had to say that. Japan has so few rapes because women do not report them. Kids only admit to smoking weed if the climate is non-hostile to them admitting it, or it makes them seem cooler. Polls prove nothing except how people feel they should respond. If you want data, go watch people. It's called science.

Comment Re:I wish they'd stop calling it that. (Score 0) 71

I think it's only justified to call something an "invisibility cloak" when it does what people actually expect an invisibility cloak to do, that is, make things actually not visible. How about calling it a "stealth cloak" because that's what I imagine most people would associate with being invisible to a radar, as opposed to the naked eye.

How about flying cars? Or cure for cancer? Or pioneer probe in interstellar space? The list goes on.

Comment Re:Good but not great (Score 1) 54

So this ran for 18 hours, or about $1800/hour. That gives you just under $44,000 per day, or $16 million for a year.

Give me $16 million a year and I can build you a very kick-butt cluster - the one I'm just finishing up is 5000 cores at about $3 million.

EC2 is great if your needs are small and intermittent. But if you're part of a larger organization that has continual HPC needs, you're going to be better off building it yourself for a while.

People need to stop thinking of "cloud" as some kind of magic fairy land. It's just a bunch of servers and software that cost the same to purchase as anywhere else. Plus they have to make a profit. So of course you can build it cheaper yourself, if all you are comparing is bare hardware.

Comment Re:Selfish (Score 2) 365

Pick a random left turn light in the Bay Area, and look at the driver waiting third or fourth in line. Some of them are very slow to move off when the light goes green, because they are reading or even typing on their smartphone. Then they play catch-up after a cursory look at the road ahead. They rate their entertainment above the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers. It's unbelievably selfish.

American arrogance plus Californian sense of entitlement leads to some of the worst drivers I've ever seen out here in the Bay Area. They simply do not even recognize that there are other people in the world.

Comment Re:If this is the draft version (Score 3, Insightful) 212

Why are European politicians involved in "negotiations" at all? They could save their time and just sign a document written by the U.S. government. Same result with less effort.

It's for show, the illusion of representative democracy. The decisions were already decided on a golf course in the Bahamas by the multinational industrialists who really wrote it.

Comment Bad Decision (Score 1) 385

It's a misconception to believe that a successful business under a particular name is in the best interest of the owners of any company. Often when a company is approaching its twilight, it makes more sense to run it into the ground and sell off the assets. Remember, the actual workers and benefits to society do not matter the least bit in American business. All that matters is maximizing the profits to the owners or share holders.

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